Gamers Reporting Issues Over Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, the console was a quick sell and one that gamers are having trouble tracking down. A number of retailers within the market have quickly sold out on the console leaving gamers to hunt down a reseller and pay an upscale price or hold off on another shipment of units.

There are a few attributes that make the Nintendo Switch a unique console. For instance, the biggest selling feature is that the console has the ability to be played on-the-go. Because of this feature, gamers can undock their console and take their gameplay wherever they wish.

Likewise, Nintendo added a new controller for the console which is known as the Joy-Cons. These controllers can be taken off the console and used freely or connected into its own hub and act more like a traditional controller.

Recently, Nintendo fixed the Joy-Con controllers which were being faced with connectivity issues. Now that the focus has been dropped from the default included controller, new issues have started to become apparent with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

For gamers who wish to enjoy the Nintendo Switch with a more traditional controller can opt for a purchase of the Pro Controller which resembles much of the normal video game controllers, we’re used to dealing with today.

It seems that a number of gamers have started to report on NeoGaf that the D-Pad on the controllers are faulty and not registering a correct input. This can be a serious issue for gamers as going through levels, especially platformers, would be incredibly difficult.

So far, Nintendo has yet to make any announcements regarding the Pro Controller though it’s likely to be brought up and fixed in the near future.