NieR: Automata – You Can “Buy” & Unlock Trophies At This Secret Shop

I’ve already established that NieR: Automata is a weird game. Well, here’s a pretty unique secret — you can unlock a secret vendor that exclusively sells trophies / achievements. Using in-game currency, you can automatically get all those tricky trophies you don’t feel like unlocking, effectively making this one of the easier games to (technically) earn 100% completion.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single game with a feature like this. NieR: Automata, I declare you the first game to include a trophy store. You can even game the system using a back-up of your save file — just buy all the trophies you want, unlock them, then swap in your externally stored save file to get all that precious money back. When a trophy unlock, it unlocks forever.

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How to Unlock the Secret Trophy Shop

To find the secret trophy shop, you’ll need to complete 3 playthroughs of Nier: Automata to experience the full story. The game will (basically) guide you in the right direction after starting a new game after each cycle.

  • Secret Trophy Shop:
    • Requirement: Finish 3 cycles of Nier: Automata and complete the full story.
    • Location: Resistance Camp – Strange Resistance Woman

Find the Strange Resistance Woman in the Resistance Camp. She’s available 24/7. Talking to her will reveal a large list of options — select “Request unlocking you-know-what” at the bottom of the list.

That opens up the trophies list. Each trophy is numbered, so you’ll have to check the description to see what you’re buying. The basic pricing guide goes like this:

  • Bronze Trophies: 50,000
  • Silver Trophies: 100,000
  • Gold Trophies, 200,000

They’re extremely expensive, and buying them all can be very costly, but if you’re looking for an alternate method to get Platinum, this is it. Don’t forget, after purchasing a trophy, it’s unlocked forever — meaning you can exploit the system with a little save file trickery.

Upload your save to the cloud or use a USB drive to make a backup save file, then spend all your cash on trophies. Reload your backed-up save, and buy even more trophies. The trophies will still be unlocked on your account, but everyone will suspect that you’re a damn dirty cheater.