Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair’s new Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse is a great entry-level mouse into the arguably oversaturated field of gaming mice. After a couple weeks of use, I can attest to how well it performs, even without the bells and whistles of more expensive mice.

The first thing I noticed about it was how light it was. Weighing only 85 grams, the Harpoon allows for ease of aiming, especially in first-person shooters and rivals some of the other light gaming mice on the market, including Corsair’s own Sabre.

The shape and contour of the mouse supports both a regular and claw grip and the upper surface is matte, so I never had any problems with it slipping out of my hands. The sides are molded rubber and provide just enough programmable buttons for jumping, crouching and throwing grenades in any FPS. It made playing Dishonored 2 a bit easier on my left hand, as I could map the interact button to my mouse.


This corded mouse features a 6000 DPI optical sensor that provides solid tracking, which is all you need when you’re playing a video game. There are multiple DPI stages that you can swap between and configure. Personally, I like having two settings onboard: one for sniping, and one for everything else. If you’re a more advanced user (I’m not) you can even configure independent settings for X-Y DPI, for two different values to be set for horizontal and vertical movement. You can also change the motion speed and lift height.

The CUE app also allows you to set up complex macros by recording key sequences, text, and setting up timers. That’s pretty neat for a gaming mouse with an entry-level price.

The onboard memory stores and saves all your configurations so you can use it on other computers with your pre-configured settings without having to install and launch the Corsair Utility Engine app.

As with Corsair’s other new RGB mice and keyboards, the Harpoon comes with some nice lighting that pair up with any other Corsair devices you have plugged in, like the MM800 Polaris mousepad.

The Corsair Harpoon RGB retails for $29.99 and is available this month. A unit was provided by Corsair for the purpose of this review.