Top Must-Play Minecraft Christmas-Themed Maps 2016


While we are not nearly into December, there is already plenty of hype for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas music is blaring, the temperature is dropping, and chances are you may have already dusted off your Christmas ordainment’s to be placed around the house.

If you can’t wait until December or if you’re looking to get a few Minecraft maps prepared for the season, we decided to list some of our recommended holiday adventure maps this year.

These maps range from puzzle to story-based, leaving something for just about anyone. Please take note of what version of Minecraft, the resource packs, and any other necessary add-ons are required within the download links provided in each map.

The Christmas Tragedy



The Christmas Tragedy is a puzzle based map in which players will have to free Blinky the Elf along with Santa to save Christmas. As mentioned, this is a puzzle focused map and that ultimately means there’s plenty of jumping parkour moves that will have to be completed to progress.

Overall, the story is followed by a series of signs and there’s a resource pack suggested that goes alongside this map. If you’re looking for a challenge, The Christmas Tragedy may be worth the download as the story is pretty straightforward and there’s not a series of rules to follow.

Essentially, players will be lead through a series of parkour type obstacles with the only rule being not to break any blocks unless stated otherwise within the sign instructions.

The Christmas Accident


In The Christmas Accident, players find that the holiday is behind its routine schedule after an accident occurs on the runway Santa uses. To help keep the holiday running smoothly, our protagonist must help the citizens of Christmas Town in fixing the runway.

This is said to be an immersive story with special effects, a reader-paced text, and multiplayer compatibility. According to the creator, the entire gameplay will only last about twenty minutes leaving this an easy holiday-themed time killer.




Grinchmas takes place in the world of Whoville where players take on the role of a Rue who’s not the most liked person in the world. After this Rue becomes fed up with his life, he sets off to meet the Grinch and put an end to the joyous holiday for good.

For players interested in a story-eccentric adventure map, Grinchmas is for you. This map is played entirely in Peaceful mode, which means you won’t have to fight off any mobs. If you’re not in the mood for a more action-oriented adventure map, Grinchmas may help kill some time and provide a fun heartwarming story.

Christmas An Awakening


Christmas An Awakening is a rather impressive adventure map themed around the holiday. This adventure includes a fighting system, functioning cut-scenes, along with the ability to play either alone or with friends.

Within Christmas An Awakening, players take on the role of an Elf who has been in a cryogenic sleep chamber. One day, the Elf is awakened and it’s clear that Santa needs his help, but just what he was left in a cryogenic sleep and the sudden need of one Elf’s help is left for players to uncover.

The Big 25!



If you want a more interactive version of a countdown to Christmas calendar then check out The Big 25! This is a fun little adventure map in which players are meant to check in daily and complete a task. Much like the standard countdown calendars, players will be marking a day off the calendar in which after twenty-five days, they will have successfully reached the Christmas holiday.

Frosty Map


The Frosty Map is rather straightforward, in this adventure players are tasked with building Frosty the Snowman. This is a story-driven map with custom voice acting during conversations held with the different villagers located within the world.

Overall, the adventure map tasks players to search out for the missing pieces of Frosty the Snowman. Once you’re able to collect all the pieces, players must bring the beloved holiday character to life. It’s worth noting that this map is available for players to enjoy alone or with friends.



Looking for something a little more horrifying for the Christmas spirit? Wintertide is an eerie map with a chilling atmosphere. In this adventure map, players will receive a note from a concerned child named Katie. Hoping to help Katie during what is supposed to be a cheerful holiday, players arrive at the town of Wintertide only to find it empty.

It’s up to players to go through a series of buildings and locate clues as to what happened to Katie and the rest of the citizens of Wintertide. While there’s no real combat within the game, Wintertide is filled with subtle eerie audio sounds to leave players constantly looking back at empty dimly lit corridors.