We Happy Few: How to Cure the Plague – Survival Guide


The Plague is just a fact of life in the post-apocalyptic 1960’s psychedelia of We Happy Few. If you’re not one of the drug-addled Joyful living in Wellington Wells, you’re probably stuck in the abandoned neighborhoods of Plague Town. The Plague saps your stamina, and if you don’t grab the cure early, this affliction is never going away. You’ll have to manage the negative effects forever — basically, that’s not a situation you want to find yourself in.

That’s why we’ve put together these tips to help you cure the Plague early in We Happy Few. All the items you need are found in the second area, and if you move fast (and arrive prepared) your chances of survival will increase tenfold.

This title is still in early-access, so some mechanics might change when the FPS roguelike is officially released. Check back later for new updates.

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How to Cure the Plague – Survival Guide

The Plague is an early killer, and if you don’t want negative effects sapping your stamina for the rest of the game, you’ll need to cure the disease quickly. Contracting the disease and letting it take hold will dull the effects of the cure — if you don’t administer a special item early, there’s no way to get rid of the Plague.

  • The Plague can be contracted in a number of ways, but you’ll most likely catch the bug when arriving in Lud’s Holm. Two NPCs will touch the player and spread the disease — kill them and look for a nearby pipe that leads to a safe house.

Where to Find the Cure: Go to the Safe House in Lud’s Holm. There is a Chemistry Station and a Crafting Formula on the table. Take it to learn how to craft the Phenocycline Syringe. This item is the only cure for the Plague, so it’s wise to keep several in your inventory at all times.

How to Craft the Cure

The Phenocycline Syringe can only be crafted at a Chemistry Station, and requires the follow items:

  • Phenocycline Syringe – Material Requirements
    • 2 Filtered Water
    • 1 Antiseptic
    • 1 Empty Syringe

Antiseptic can be crafted from two (2) Rotten Potatoes. The Antiseptic formula is unlocked after grabbing a rotten potato. Look in gardens, inside stoves or at campfires / fireplaces to find discarded food.

Filtered Water is trickier to find. Only high-class neighborhoods have pristine water supplies. Most water you find will be dirty. Craft filters and collect water at water pumps to gain filtered water.

Syringes are usually located on dead NPCs or inside abandoned home containers.

Once you gather all the materials, have the formula, and gain access to a Chemistry Station, you can begin crafting Phenocycline Syringes. Always keep a few on-hand in case you contract another instance of the disease during your escape from Wellington Wells.

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