The Impact of Pokemon Go

PokemonGoHeaderImagePokemon Go‘s impact is so much larger than even the developers realize. They got one hell of a hit on their hands, and they need to make diamonds out of this gold bar machine they got here. Nintendo stock prices surged 25% on Monday according to Forbes.

But what in the world is it? Pokemon Go is so simple you’re going to be kicking yourself for not thinking of it first. Basically it takes the premise of the video games and TV series, and applies it to real life. Made by a development company called Niantic Labs, they were able to combine the concept of Pokemon with their own past title called Ingress, making Pokemon Go a reality. The idea of Augmented Reality isn’t just making us look at the first generation of Pokemon like new for the first time, but it also gives us a fresh look at places in our world too. Pokemon Go takes real world locations and converts them into Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops. The former of which allows you to battle against other players, while the latter helps you replenish your supplies for free. That’s pretty much it in terms of game mechanics. It’s a straightforward idea, but the point is Nintendo and Niantic hit that very precise mark.

PokemonGOPennyArcadeBut still, I managed to muster up the enthusiasm to go outside and try my luck down the street. It turned out to be a fantastic choice, as I was greeted by Venonats and even a Bulbasaur. But not only that, I finally got a chance to take in the fresh air and my local surroundings for the first time in a (admittingly) long time. I went back to my old hometown and painted it red with Team Valor. It was great. My town has this big ol’ square, with the gazebo in the center of it transformed into a gym. All the local places that I used to go to growing up are now thriving PokeStops, inhabited by those virtual fuzzy creatures all over.

Gamer folk are going outside and socializing.
PokemonGoWhompComicIt doesn’t just stop at me, Pokemon Go is making the world take a look at it. That’s what makes it survive in the long run. At the top of the App Store, and in the front of people’s minds.  For the first time, players of a video game are naturally encouraged to go outside. A barrier that many titles have attempted to break was done with ease thanks to the simplicity of Pokemon Go‘s approach. Businesses have a new opportunity to entice costumers, promising the public that their establishments have an open door policy to Pokemon is guaranteed to make new people check them out and buy stuff. Of course there’s going to be people that are going to use it for evil, but making Pokemon Go into a political platform ain’t gonna stick either. That trip to Grandma’s house? Suddenly sounds more productive for little Timmy. Stuck shoe shopping with the Wife? Turn the store into a battleground for the nearby Gym. At the end of the day, people are going to the Park again.
PokemonGoHeaderComicPeople have been pretty vocal about their suggestions for what the game should do next. The most obvious of these, beyond updating Pokemon Go to allow trading and quick battling – is to fill the game with the rest of the Pokemon generations. We only have access to the first 150 Pokemon (also known as the first generation), and Niantic has the opportunity to include over 600 others in future updates.

I think Nintendo knows that too, as their stock response since the game’s release speaks for itself. According to YouPorn, it’s a battle between porn and Pokemon right now.