Ratchet & Clank RYNO Holocards Location Guide


Need help finding all nine of the RYNO Holocards? We got you covered with a guide to help you locate each Holocard and likewise this will also help you in the process of gathering various trophies for the game. By collecting these nine Holocards you’ll be on your way in acquiring the Tech Head and Full Gun Rack trophies.

Rilgar RYNO 1

Time Frame: 0:05

Rilgar RYNO II

Time Frame 0:48

Kerwan Zodiac

Time Frame: 1:33

Nebula G34 RYN3O

Time Frame: 2:26

Gaspar Harbinger

Time Frame: 3:08

Batalia RYNO IV

Time Frame: 3:39

Quartu RYNO V

Time Frame: 4:25


Time Frame: 5:02

Deplanetizer RYNO VII

Time Frame: 5:48

Returning Cards To Dealer

Time Frame: 6:17

Source: Powerpyx