Ratchet & Clank Trespasser Puzzles Guide

Puzzles Revised

Before we can get to hacking the different doors to claim that incredible loot within Ratchet & Clank, gamers will have to search for an item known as the Trespasser Gadget. This is an item that is required to even progress the overall campaign story so you’ll need to find it regardless of the Trespasser puzzles. In order to find this item, you’ll need to go within the sewers of Rilgar.

Note: All puzzles solved within this guide are on Easy difficulty.

Note: Never use Autohack as this will void the “Safecracker” trophy.

Trespasser Gadget

Time Frame: 0:05


Time Frame: 0:34

Nebula G34

Time Frame: 1:14 – 2:11


Time Frame: 2:39 – 3:15


Time Frame: 3:55 – 4:25


Time Frame: 5:58 – 6:36


Time Frame: 7:16 – 9:21

Source: Powerpyx