Enter the Gungeon Guide: Fiends and Foes

Entering the Gungeon for the first time can certainly be overwhelming. But they say “knowing is half the battle”, so it’d help if we broke it down into understandable classes and groups for you. There are also some achievements that involve killing enemies in certain ways.

Kill 100 enemies by dropping chandeliers to get the Money Pit achievement.

Kill 100 enemies while riding a mine cart to get the Rider achievement.

Kill 100 enemies by knocking them into pits to get the Pit Lord achievement.

Bullet Kin

Stormtrooper tier of enemy. The most common enemies you’ll face in Enter the Gungeon. As the grunt class, they aren’t any challenge at all. The only thing you need to watch out for is making sure they don’t corner you. Strength in numbers, the Bullet Kin can get the best of anyone who isn’t careful. The Bullet Kin are found in every floor of the Gungeon, adapting to their surroundings and environment.

Shotgun Kin

Tougher version of Bullet Kin. Shoot more frequently and attack more aggressively. Often found alongside the Bullet Kin, strengthening their ranks and providing extra firepower. Shotgun Kin can take a lot of hits. Try and take them out first.


Roosting high up and far away, you can tell when there’s snipers in the room when they have their lasers pointed at you. The standard sniper can fire one straight shot. But the professional? His power shot bursts into several smaller shots, flinging out into all directions. Watch out for the Professional’s green laser.


These spooky enemies are the undead ghouls and ghosts. The Hollowpoint ghost is a big headache – it fades into existence, unleashes hell with an assault rifle, and disappears again before you have a chance to react. The Spent gundead have no soul, and act like the mindless Bullet Kin zombies of the Gungeon.

Blob Family

These amorphous adversaries slide across the room, leaving a trail of ooze in their wake. Spraying the large blobs with bullets breaks them down into smaller blobs. The green ones leave a trail of poison, harmful to the unprepared Gungeoneer. The Bloodbulon works in reverse from the rest of the Blob Family, shooting it increases the size of the blob until it explodes into a flurry of bullets. The Poopulon ejects a swirl of bullets, like a backwards flushing toilet.


Flying around in the Gungeon, most Bullats sacrifice themselves in a one shot attack. They dive bomb you and explode on impact.  The grenade variant, the Grenat, emits a sizeable amount of area damage.  The King Bullat is several Bullats in one, emitting a circle of ricocheting bullets from all directions. You won’t find them too much of a hassle, but they can get very annoying at times.


These wizards use magic spells to conjure rings of bullets to throw at you. Teleportation powers means they can travel around the room at will. The stronger variants of the Gunjurer have homing potential, making their bullets harder to dodge.


Mostly a support class. These enemies hide in a far corner of the Gungeon room – providing a buff to their allies. When you shoot at them, they tend to flee in fear, trying to reach a safe place to set up their magic spells once more.


Similar attack strategy to the Gunjurer, but they shoot off letters and patterns of bullets when they attack. Very small in size, these angry books are hard to shoot. The Bookletts come in three stylish colors, all ready to deliver bullets and pain.

Gun Nuts

Ancient bullet knights that pack a hard punch. Slowly stomping their way across the room, they smash down their weapon and unleashing a shockwave of bullets in their wake. The regular Gun Nuts are often found on the first floor of the Gungeon, but there’s a chance to come across them on the lower levels. Spectral Gun Nuts are found in the fifth floor.


Possibly weak to water, given their fire composition. They dash and dart around the room, stopping only to emit a ring of bullets outward. The blue variants are stronger and harder to destroy, but they only lurk further down below in the Gungeon.

Totems, Towers, and Terrors

If you find one of these, good luck. You’re in for a bad time. These advanced enemies have powerful attack techniques that are unmatched. The Lead Maiden ejects homing bullets, the Shambling Round has four stacks of attacks you need to shoot through, and the Agnozier goes with just a full bullet hell. All at once.