The Division Guide: How To Earn Dark Zone Credits

Tom Clancy's The Division
Need to earn some credits within the Dark Zone? Within The Division there are multiple ways gamers can earn their keep but these four bullet points will offer gamers credits easily especially if Ubisoft fails to patch the popular NPCs spawner exploit! Check out our tips and let us know some of your favorite ways to earn Dark Zone credits by leaving a comment down below.

Dark Zone Chest Rewards

Within the map you’ll notice some areas with marked named enemies. It’s within these areas that players are tasked with clearing out the enemies and locating a Dark Zone key which will open up a chest. Locked away is usually some nicer loot along with those precious Dark Zone credits.


Going rogue is not the easiest way to earn Dark Zone credits but it can be one of the more profitable routes. Within the Dark Zone, players will come across one another and if their names are featured in white font then they are neutral. However, coming across a player with a skull next to their name labels the particular person as a rogue, someone who has killed players recently for their loot and credits.

These players will have a bounty on their head, the higher the rouge level the more money you’ll receive when defeating them. Although, once the rouge timer counts down with the rouge player still alive then that player receives their bounty money. Again, it’s not the easiest route to go simple because you’ll become a target, but there is a nice payoff if you manage to survive.


Tom Clancy's The Division (2)
You likely already know that killing NPC enemies will give you loot and Dark Zone credits. However, you can easily farm these enemies to quickly gain Dark Zone credits. Enemies will respawn after you extract allowing you to cut them down and reap the rewards. Unfortunately, this is likely an exploit that Ubisoft will patch up so take an advantage of this NPC farming strategy while you can.

Stay Alive

Tom Clancy's The Division (3)
If at all possible, stay alive as getting killed will come with some high penalties. Not only will getting killed cause you to lose Dark Zone credits, but it will also cause you to drop your rank and lose any keys for chests. All that hard work will go to waste if you end up dying within the Dark Zone so play it safe and don’t just hang on to credits endlessly.