Top 10 Stealth Elements in Games That Make No Sense

Stealth games are a genre of video game in which players are tasked with using stealth, rather than brute force, to overcome challenges. Players must get through areas undetected and use a variety of silent means, like putting enemies to sleep with a tranquilizer dart, choking them until they pass out, or in some cases simply stabbing them quietly in the back.

Players remain undetected by hiding, using disguises, or using noise to distract enemies away from their position. In many games, players are rewarded for greater levels of stealth and for employing non-lethal tactics.

We're big fans of stealth games here at Gameranx, but we also know they're pretty flawed at times. Games in the genre remain some of our favourite titles to play, but sometimes it can be fun to poke fun at all the weird and nonsensical elements that make their way into stealth games. 

What's your favourite stealth game and what's the stupidest things you've ever seen in one? If you think we missed any nonsensical stealth game concepts, feel free to sound off in the comments.