Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: How To Solve Every Puzzle | 2 Settings You Need To Know

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles brings two never-before-released Ace Attorney games to North America, and this isn’t just a re-release. This is an enhanced version, bringing games originally released on the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch with beautiful graphics. The new version even adds a specific feature that everyone really needs to know about — the “Reader” feature. There are two types of autoplay in Great Ace Attorney, and both of them can really give you the best possible experience. The “Story” mode is totally new and included in both versions of Great Ace Attorney on Nintendo Switch, and flipping this setting on will automatically solve any tricky section of the game for you.

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is the latest collection from Capcom, packing in Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve — two games in their lite puzzle series, where you play as a defense attorney in the world’s wackiest, weirdest court cases. You’ll have to carefully study each case and point out inconsistencies to discover the true culprit and unravel the mystery. These two games were originally never available commercially outside of Japan, and now eager fans to a chance to dig in. I can’t wait, and these two features solve some of the biggest problems with these games.

Two Settings You Need To Know About For A Better Experience

There are two simple features that can greatly improve your experience in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Autoplay and Story Mode can be toggled on / off at any time, and they work in conjunction to smooth out those rough spots. Inevitably, there will be a puzzle that absolutely stumps you — it doesn’t happen to me often, but it does happen. If you make a mistake too many times, you’ll lose the case and be forced to restart the chapter or reload a save point.

Not all of use feel like saving constantly — but thankfully you can save whenever you want in the Nintendo Switch version. Press pause [+] to access the Save Menu, where you can save in one of many slots without quitting. That’s a godsend for playability, and there’s no need to quit out when you just want to save before making a potential life and death decision.

  • Story Mode: Story Mode is a special setting in the Pause Menu. Go to “Reader” while paused at any time in-game, and you can toggle on / off Story Mode. When toggled on, this mode automatically resolves any puzzles and makes choices for you to progress the story. You won’t get accolades / achievements when it is active, but you can also disable this mode at any time.
  • Autoplay: Can be toggled on at any time. Press [-] and text boxes will cycle on their own. This is a great hands-free way to read through the story. You can set the pause interval after text appears, but the default 1 second is enough for relatively quick readers.

You can toggle both of these settings at any time. Autoplay can be toggled in-game with a press of a button, so if you need to slow down and read more carefully, you can swap to normal progression. Autoplay only automatically scrolls through text, it does not select answers / solve puzzles for you — both of these settings are best used sparingly, but they make playing through the game much easier.

It’s also worth nothing that you can save your game at any time. Just pause and select “Save” — do this before making any decisions or presenting evidence you’re unsure about. Saving a few times helps make this game so much easier to manage. You won’t have to backtrack through entire days or sequences anymore.