Sky: Children of Light – How To Complete The Eye Of Eden | Final Realm Guide

The Eye of Eden is the Final Realm of Sky: Children of Light. To unlock it, you need to complete the other six realms and collect 20 Light along the way. Even if you only have 20 Light, the Eye of Eden can be a very difficult and grueling zone. You’ll have to fight the harsh wind almost the entire journey, and take a very specific path up the mountain to reach your goal. This is the first difficult level in the game, with enemies and constant obstacles designed to drain your light and leave your crushed.

The Eye of Eden is also one of the most important End Game locations — after completing the game, you’ll be able to replay the Eye of Eden to earn a special currency called Ascended Candles. These are for unlocking the top tier rewards from your friendly Spirit Constellation menus, which you can easily access from glowing rock in your Home. Ascended Candles can only be earned by completing Eye of Eden runs, and you’ll get a few just for completing it once.

The Eye of Eden also gives you a stern warning before attempting to enter. You may lose all of your Light — and you do! So you’ll have to decide if you’re ready to enter the final challenge. If you are, check out the tips below.

You can download Sky: Children of Light free on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

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Final Realm Guide | Eye of Eden Walkthrough

The Eye of Eden is the final realm. To access it, you need at least 20 Light. You can return to any realm you’ve previously completed and hunt down extra Light collectibles — look for small spirits with a glowing halo around them. They’re visible from very far away, so scan every environment to gain extra Light. You can also find more Light in bonus areas that unlock once you return to previous realms with more Spirits. The more Spirits you’ve found, the more branching paths you can access.

  • NOTE: Entering the Eye of Eden, you’ll be warned that you can lose all of your light. This is true — once you complete the Eye of Eden, you’ll have to reset and recollect all the Light you’ve earned. If you want to explore with your full Light / Wing Flaps meter and don’t want to have to replay the entire game, stop now and enjoy exploring. Or you can bite the bullet and finish up exploring on New Game+.

Once you enter the Eye of Eden, there’s no turning back. Before going, I recommend finding a friend. If you don’t have a friend, at least make friends with the first random player you encounter near the start of the run. Try to stay close to another player (or two) for the entire run. Holding hands with a friend give you greater stability against the wind, so you’re less likely to be blown over.

  • Stay behind shelter and out of the wind as much as possible! The wind carries rocks that will damage you and knock Light out of you. Try to recollect it if you can, but don’t go too far — especially later in the stage. Just let it go if you have to backtrack.
  • Don’t fly! Flying will just get you caught in the wind, and you’ll be pulled back or into a dangerous situation. Instead, press [B] to perform little hops. These hops will help you fight against the wind current.
  • Always look for braziers to light. There aren’t many, but these rare lights are your only refuge when you’re cut off from friends. If you take too much damage and lose a light, you’ll need to return to a fire to recharge.

Continue to climb and follow the wind up until you reach the final zone. At the very top of the second zone, you’ll reach a cavern with lots of extra Wing Lights. Collect as many as you can, then enter the third zone — this is the trickiest part.

WARNING: In the final zone, there’s a constant rain of damaging red crystals. You’ll get pelted, and it doesn’t matter how far you progress here. At the end, it’s impossible to continue. You will die here no matter what.

If you’re confused at the very end, don’t be — you’re meant to die. Just run into the endless deadly rain and absorb damage until you’re turned to stone. After you become stone, simply wait — don’t exit! If nobody arrives to help you, or you’re playing solo, just wait and you’ll eventually get a prompt to continue. It takes awhile, so grab a drink and wait it out.

Once you’re prompted to continue (or if you’re rescued by an ally or friend) you’ll be able to revive, reconnect with another spirit, and fully recharge all your lost Wing Light. It’s all straightforward from this point on, so you can’t fail. At the very top of the world, you’ll be able to collect 4 Ascended Candles and can be reborn into the End Game. Now you can replay and help other players make it through the Eye of Eden.

The more you help, the more Ascended Candles you’ll earn — you need to spend your Light Wings on the darkness statues to “save” them. The more you save, the more Ascended Candles you’ll earn. You can earn up to 16 Ascended Candles per week.