GTAO: Join A Secret Society With This Weird Easter Egg

Kifflom! If you’ve played a lot of GTA5, you probably remember the Epsilon Program. This weird cult that’s heavily parodying Scientology appears all over Los Santos, and features heavily in a pretty memorable series of side-quests. They’re a weird, mysterious group — and now you can join them! There’s a new Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto Online, allowing you to become an esteemed member of the Epsilon Program. You can unlock the group’s signature robes, and if you wear them around town, something special will happen.

Check below for the full explanation. The Easter egg was secretly included in the new Arena War update, which includes a new Arena War game mode where players fight (and customize) with special battle vehicles in huge arenas. Arena War adds ridiculous new customization to your vehicles through the Arena Workshop. What does this Easter egg have to do with Arena War? Literally nothing, but that’s okay! If you’re a seeker of the truth, here’s what you need to do.

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Epsilon Program Easter Egg | How To Get The Cult Robes

To get the Epsilon Robes secret outfit in GTAO, go to the nightclub and enter the restroom. Inside, there’s an attendant you can tip. You need to tip him 575 times — each tip is $1, so you need to give him a total of $575. The more you tip him, more messages will appear.

  • NOTE: You need to tip him all at the same time, in the same session. Your tip progress will not carry over between sessions.

Look above your map for notifications showing your progress. At 10 tips, “Seeking the Truth” will appear. After 155 tips, “Chasing the Truth” will appear. After 575 tips, the “Bearing The Truth” message will display. That means you’ve completed the Easter egg and can collect your reward.

The Epsilon Robes will now become available in your property or at any clothing store. Wearing them into stores will cause people to greet you with “Kiflom!” — that’s the traditional greeting of all Epsilon members. Now you can show off to friends!