15 Best Point And Click Adventure Games To Play In 2021

There are a ton of great point-and-click adventure games out there and we have years of back catalog we could bring out. With so many iconic classics, it’s worth looking at a few titles that might have popped up that you either missed out on recently or are slated to come out within this year. We’re going to highlight a few titles that we think you should be playing in 2021 or at the very least kept on your radar when you’re in the mood to try a new point-and-click adventure game.

#15 Erica

Erica, starring Holly Earl, is an interactive FMV that was originally released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 platform. However, the game has recently hit both iOS and PC platforms this year which means there is a whole new audience available to dive into this game for the first time. We don’t see too many FMV titles released into the marketplace lately but this is one title not to pass up on as you take the role of Erica Mason. Erica has decided to take up with her nightmares that stem back to her childhood and the mysterious killing of her father. As Erica digs deeper into her childhood, more details begin to emerge about her family’s occult dealings. With this game, players are mainly making choices and steering the narrative.

#14 Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a bit of an older title but one worth checking into from indie development team 3909 LLC. This title came out in 2013 where players are taking the role of an immigration officer for a fictional country of Arstotzka. While the game starts with players simply processing immigrants into the country with their necessary paperwork, the title slowly ramps up its difficulty. Soon after the game starts up, attacks are made on the country’s border, and its left players having to be more strict on who can enter. You’ll be dealing with bribes and even fake passports that will require players to pay close attention to all the details. Depending on how many individuals are passed through correctly and if you accepted any bribes will determine just how much money you’ll make. From there you’ll have to budget the money on different necessities and utilities for your family.

#13 Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange is quite a popular game franchise as it’s an episodic graphic adventure series that normally features an emotional storyline with a character that possesses a supernatural ability. We have a brand new installment coming out this year with Life is Strange: True Colors which is being developed by Deck Nine. Previously, Deck Nine was responsible for Life is Strange: Before The Storm so this will be their first game that involves new characters that doesn’t have a defined ending already laid out for the development team prior to starting production. With this game, we are given the role of Alex Chen who uses her ability to see the emotions of other characters. It’s through this power that Alex will be able to uncover the truth behind the death of her brother. Meanwhile, the gameplay is based around exploration, solving puzzles, and plenty of dialogue.

#12 The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games The Wolf Among Us had a massive following but it didn’t get anything past the first season. Developers brought out the first season which followed Bigby Wolf who was forced into solving a crime in a town that is mainly made up of fairytale characters. Just like our previous point with Life is Strange, this is an episodic journey that had players going around searching for clues, talking with different characters, and solving some puzzles. The reason we have it on our list is that Telltale Games was brought back from the grave and with it came the announcement of a new season being developed for The Wolf Among Us. We don’t have any details quite yet about what we can expect with this sequel, but while we are waiting for a new season to hit the marketplace, players should take this time to finally get through the first season in preparation.

#11 The Walking Dead

walking dead

The Walking Dead was Telltale Games biggest hit and it brought them a ton of fans who were eager to see just how the narrative would go for Clementine. In this journey, players were following Clementine, a young girl who we watched grow up throughout several seasons. Set in a zombie apocalypse, the game was all about survival and making choices with the people you met along the way. With so many different characters popping up with each new season, there were plenty of difficult choices that are forced onto players. While things didn’t last for Telltale Games, the closure didn’t mean the cancellation of The Walking Dead. This studio was in the process of developing the last game to the season when the doors closed after just two episodes were released. Fortunately, Skybound Entertainment stepped in and was able to finish the last two episodes to see that Clementine’s storyline was properly finished. That final season only came out just a couple of years ago so if you haven’t played any of the series yet, you’re now able to do so from start to finish right now.

#10 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is certainly a name to catch someone’s attention but it’s also a title that might get tossed under the radar for some. This is another game that came out a good few years ago at this point but it’s received massive praise from players that attempt to go through the campaign. In this title, players are following a group of students who are skilled in some kind of way. They might be incredibly skilled at programming, sports, to even fashion. However, what the students don’t realize is that they are not attending some special school made for the elites. Instead, the group is tossed into a school that is controlled by an unusual bear that forces the group to enter a brutal game. The only means of escape is to commit a murder and get away with it. As a result, the game is broken up into searching for clues and entering a trial to either defend yourself as not the killer but also unveil who the real murderer is.

#9 Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune is from the development studio Killmonday Games where we are placed into the role of Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez. This little 8-year-old child is quite imaginative as she embarks on a grand journey under the request of a mysterious voice. Tasked in playing a game, Little Misfortune is told that at the end of the game she will receive eternal happiness which she could give to her mother. As she embarks on the journey, she’s forced into a life of crime and making several decisions that will play a role in the campaign. It’s a wacky and silly game full of unexpected moments and even some dark twists. This is also a very short game with it only taking players about three hours to complete so you can easily get through it within one sitting.

#8 Fran Bow

Speaking of Killmonday Games we also have their first title release Fran Bow to look into. This game is very much like Little Misfortune as it’s full of creepy and dark tones throughout the game. In this title, players are taking the role of a young girl named Fran who discovers her parents brutally murdered. Taken into a mental ward, Fran decides to escape in search of her missing cat she received from her parents, Mr. Midnight. This is a story-driven psychological horror adventure game that you will enjoy if you found Little Misfortune fun although it’s quite longer than Little Misfortune as Fran Bow will take players about eight hours to complete.

#7 Not For Broadcast

Not For Broadcast first came onto the scene back in 2020 as an early access title and at the time of writing this description, the game is still in early access. This game puts players in control of a news broadcast where you have control of how the production continues. Everything from ensuring there is no interference with the satellites, the different feed cameras, ad rolls, to even bleeping out swear words is part of the job. You’ll need to ensure that the news goes on without a hitch or determine just what is unveiled to the citizens within the country. It’s not an easy job as the broadcast must go on despite any issues that may pop up within the control room.

#6 Kathy Rain Director’s Cut

Kathy Rain is a point-and-click adventure game that came out back in 2016. In this title, players were given the role of Kathy Rain who ventures back to her old hometown to visit her grandmother after years of being away. It’s here that she learns that her grandfather had a mysterious accident which turned him into a mindless character. Hoping to get to the bottom of this mysterious incident, Kathy begins her investigation as she roams around the town to speak with the various characters, seek out clues, solve a series of puzzles, and learn more about her family. With that said, sometime later this year we’re going to receive a director’s cut of the game which will extend the storyline, bring out more puzzles, and even new areas to explore.

#5 Chinatown Detective Agency

Chinatown Detective Agency throws players into the year 2032 where the world is practically rundown and lawless. Set in one of the last ordered locations around the world, Singapore, players here take the role of Amira Darma, a private investigator. In this world, PI’s are the first response for so many individuals seeking justice, and being a newcomer to the world of private investigations, you’re having to work uphill. Everything requires a thorough investigation. Whether it’s talking with individuals, seeking clues in different areas around the city, using your assortment of gadgets, or traveling around the globe in hopes of finding a lead. Currently, Chinatown Detective Agency doesn’t come out until sometime this summer but there is a free-to-play prologue that you can dive into right now called Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One.

#4 Slender Threads

Slender Threads is another upcoming title slated to release at some point in 2021. This game puts players into a traveling salesman who stumbles upon an eerie small town of Villa Ventana. It’s here that our protagonist ventures around before quickly finding that there is something more sinister here in the town. Now our protagonist is seeking to find answers to the mysterious origin of the town and bring out the dark influence through exploration, interacting with the various characters from the townsfolk, and solving a slew of difficult puzzles. For now, we’re waiting to see just when exactly this game will hit the marketplace but it’s slated to launch within the 2021 calendar year.

#3 Backbone

Backbone is a new noir-style detective adventure game where you are venturing through the city taking on various odd jobs. However, it’s here that one job leads the protagonist into a darker unsettling truth based around the city and its hierarchies. This title is narrative-driven with players having to explore, solve puzzles, and speak with different characters. It’s got everything you’d expect from a classic point-and-click adventure game but with modern touches. This is also a title that has a prologue demo available right now much like Chinatown Detective Agency. Fortunately, you don’t have too long of a wait before you’re able to dive into the full game. Backbone will be hitting the marketplace on June 8, 2021, so that’s just a few days from the time of writing this description. If this game is not already on your radar then you might be missing out on something good.

#2 Kapia

Kapia is an interesting game that takes place in the apocalypse. With conflict brewing between two factions of the world, the game will follow a retired pilot named Stefan who sets off to end the conflict once and for all. However, along for the journey in hopes of helping is his granddaughter named Reny. The duo will meet quite a few interesting people and must solve a wide range of puzzles along the way. While this title has an interesting artstyle to it, the development team 2 FOR 2 had made this game from inspirations based on the classic 2000s era of point-and-click adventure titles such as Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. It will be interesting to see just how this game plays out when it arrives in the marketplace at some point this year.

#1 Rosewater

Lastly, a game that we might not see released in 2021 but we’re holding out hope is a thrilling western title called Rosewater. This story follows Harley Leger, a woman that sets off to the west in search of becoming a big freelance writer. It’s here that she’s given a unique story that ends up taking her on a journey in search of a missing man’s lost fortune. Along the way, players will be running into all kinds of interesting characters from rebels, bandits to newfound friends. We know that the developers are making up a game that will allow more freedom in how they complete objectives and with choices that will alter the storyline. For now, the game doesn’t have a specific release date quite yet, but again we’re hopeful to see it launch at some point in 2021.