10 Best DC Comics Video Games

If you’re after some fun games to play set within the DC Comics universes then we have a list for you. In this list, we’re going to highlight the best DC Comics video games you can pick up and enjoy right now. With that said, there are plenty of new games in the works for the DC Comics franchise that we can’t wait to get our hands-on. For instance, we have Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, although both of those games are not slated to release into the marketplace until next year, 2022. In the meantime, here are some video games you can enjoy right now.

#10 Batman Arkham VR

Starting this list off is a game that you might easily forget about if you don’t dabble in VR. With that said, if you have a VR headset then you might want to check into Batman Arkham VR. This is a pretty lighthearted version of Batman and to be honest a bit limiting. While you can take on the role of Gotham’s Dark Knight and come face-to-face with some iconic characters, this is more of a detective game. Players will have a few of the iconic tools to use during the missions, but don’t go in thinking you’ll be engaging in bit combat battles that you would in the main Batman Arkham video games. Instead, this is a title that we wanted to bring up and mention if you have a bit over an hour to spend in the VR realm.

#9 Gotham City Imposters

Gotham City Impostors released in 2012 in which you’ll be able to play for free right now through PC. It’s an FPS title set within the Batman universe where players are split into two teams, either you’ll become a member of a Batman vigilante or a criminal that’s part of the Joker crew. From there, players are going head-to-head using a wide range of gadgets such as grappling hooks, glider wings, to a range of weapons to eliminate the opposing side. Meanwhile, there are a few different game modes to try out which can range from a simple team deathmatch to more objective-based modes like Psych Warfare where the goal is to get a battery from within the map and bring it to your base. By defending your base, the brainwashing machine the battery is powering will eventually brainwash the opposing side. Again this is still a game you can download and play on Steam.

#8 Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe

While Mortal Kombat’s NetherRealm Studios went on to make a straight-up fighting game based around the DC Comics Universe, years prior we got a Mortal Kombat and DC Universe crossover game. This is a standard fighting game where the two worlds end up colliding from a portal that Raiden blasts Shao Khan through. Now the two worlds find that they will need to duke it out and figure out what’s going on in the world to get each party back to their respected universes. It’s what you would expect from a Mortal Kombat game but with a limited roster of characters. Instead, players are only given just over twenty characters total but the more popular characters from each IP are represented. Likewise, each character comes with their unique attributes and abilities which is certainly a plus. What you won’t find are the over-the-top and brutal fatalities.

#7 Justice League Heroes

A bit older compared to some of these other games on the list is Justice League Heroes. This title came out in 2006 and plays out as an action RPG. The game is more or less a DC Comics alternative for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise. Here you only get two-player co-op support and it’s a bit limited in the number of heroes you can pick up and portray. It’s more about going through the game to unlock more players rather than outright getting access to them, but then there will be points where the game will force you to take the role of a specific character for the game narrative. All-in-all, there’s a lack of action RPG titles for the DC Comics universe right now so at the very least it’s a bit nice to have something like Justice League Heroes brought out into the marketplace to fill that void.

#6 DC Universe Online

Fans of the MMORPG genre may find some enjoyment out of DC Universe Online. Here players are creating their unique hero or villain as they embark on a journey full of missions and quests to partake in. While creating your character, players are not only designing the character visually but also giving them a unique power as well. It’s a game also full of content with players having access to some early in-game material completely free, but to keep the game going you’ll need to join into a subscription fee. This would ultimately unlock episodes for this game and currently, there are over thirty different episodes to play through. Each episode is based around a different character, faction, or storyline. As a result, players may find an episode focusing on Teen Titans, The Joker, Justice League, Aquaman, the list goes on and on. However, since this game is free-to-play for the initial gameplay content, players can give this title a try right now without having to spend a single cent.

#5 Batman The Telltale Series

Telltale Games was able to dabble with a few different IPs before they were initially shut down. One of those IPs was Batman and there were two installments released. Batman The Telltale Series was another episodic adventure game that had players going through a strong narrative journey. If you’re familiar with the Telltale Games previous works then you know that a big portion of their games is about making tough decisions which is a bit tough to pull off when you’re the Dark Knight. However, things do get a bit tricky when the title puts a focus on the role of Bruce Wayne. It’s a brand new storyline where we deal with crime, mob syndicates, friendships, and trying to balance the life of Bruce Wayne while also taking the role of Gotham City’s savior. Just like with other Telltale Games, there is plenty of exploration, gathering clues, talking with characters, QTEs, and making decisions to steer the narrative journey. I won’t spoil anything here but again players have Batman The Telltale Series along with a sequel, Batman: The Enemy Within.

#4 Lego Batman

The Lego games are bountiful in the marketplace. Players can find Lego games based around new IPs or titles that are based on established IPs. There are several superhero Lego games available with Lego Batman being one of the more iconic titles. Here you will find three installments available with a spin-off title as well that’s based around the villains of DC Comics, Lego DC Super-Villains. These games all play out more or less the same as it’s an action-adventure beat ‘em up game. For Lego Batman, players are taking the role of the Dark Knight or friendly allies like Robin, as you battle against a variety of different iconic enemy characters. Here players will beat up thugs, use a variety of bat utility gadgets, along with solving a slew of puzzles along the way. Originally, this title may have come out back in 2008, but it’s still a solid entry to pick up and try out today. Again, if you find yourself enjoying the first installment then don’t forget that there are two sequels and the villain-focused installment to pick up and play as well.

#3 The Wolf Among Us

A game that you might not know is based around DC Comics is The Wolf Among Us. The development studio over at Telltale Games was pretty great at delivering modern adventure titles before they closed up shop. While most would probably know the studio for their works on The Walking Dead, they did bring out another big hit with the following, The Wolf Among Us. Based on the Fables series which was published through the DC Comics Vertigo division, players were following a storyline that found fairy tale and folklore characters trying to live in the real world. Players are stepping into the role of Bigby Wolf, or otherwise known as the Big Bad Wolf. When one of the Fable characters is mysteriously murdered, it’s up to Bigby to figure out who is responsible and keep real detectives from stumbling upon this makeshift fairytale town. This is an episodic adventure game with players going through different areas to investigate, interview characters, complete a series of QTEs while making choices that will tweak the storyline. While there is only one season in this game out so far, Telltale Games has been brought out from the grave and it’s coming with a sequel season slated to release shortly.

#2 Batman Arkham Series

Easily one of the more iconic video game titles on this list for DC Comics fans is the Batman Arkham franchise from Rocksteady Studios. This development team showcased just how to make a Batman video game. Setting things off, players received Batman Arkham Asylum which had Batman delivering the Joker to the Arkham Asylum. However, during the process, Joker escapes, locks Batman in the building, and unleashes a slew of his iconic rivals. Now players are forced to go through the asylum, defend the works and defeat the enemies that are scattered around the area. Fortunately, Batman has a wide assortment of gadgets along with being highly skilled in martial arts. Players can quickly drop into the group of thugs, deliver a barrage of beatings, quickly counterattack or block, and zip right back into the shadows. The basics mechanics made their way across the other installments from Rocksteady Studios. It’s even worth diving into all the games not only for the narrative but the new additions that are brought in as well. For instance, after Arkham Asylum players have an entire open world of Gotham City along with some handy gear to help players quickly navigate around the world such as the iconic Batmobile.

#1 Injustice Series

It shouldn’t come to much surprise that the developers behind the Mortal Kombat video game franchise would create a pretty incredible fighting game based around the DC Comics universe. NetherRealm Studios delivered Injustice: God’s Among Us back in 2013 and it came with a twisted storyline to go through. In the narrative, players are going through a world in which Joker manages to trick Superman into killing his beloved partner Louis Lane. Enraged, Superman turns the world into a strict regime. Now players are going through a battle to end the tyranny. If you played the more recent Mortal Kombat video game titles then you’ll know what to expect here. There are a ton of brutal battles, special moves, and a wide variety of stages to battle within. As you can imagine, the roster is full of iconic DC Comics universe characters to battle around with. There is even a sequel out to further add more characters, stages, and a campaign to continue with, but I won’t spoil anything here if you haven’t played either of these two games. Currently, at the time of writing this description, we have yet to receive any announcement for an Injustice 3, but there is plenty of speculation that we’ll receive a new installment.