25 Best Oculus Rift VR Games

The VR platform took off the last generation of console platforms and we’re still finding this platform sticking around for the latest generation. Players can dive into new worlds and immerse themselves in a video game. In this particular list, we’re going to highlight the best Oculus Rift games you can play right now. With that said, we are sticking strictly with the Oculus ecosystem so there won’t be any VR games that are featured exclusively through specific digital marketplace outlets like Valve.

#25 Contractors VR

Military shooters are popular in the VR realm and there are quite a few to pick from through the official Oculus storefront. One of those is Contractors VR. It’s exactly what you’d expect with this type of video game. Players can go through the game either solo or with multiplayer. Meanwhile, the gameplay offers just smooth walking so there’s no teleportation here. This might be a bit of a downfall for newcomers to the VR realm as you could find yourself getting a bit more motion sick, but everyone’s different. At any rate, this is mainly a team-based shooter where you’ll work with your team and unleash hell onto the opposing side. With that said, being more of a simulated shooter experience, there are some moments where you’ll find a gun that may take a bit of time to figure out how to properly load, but all in all, this shouldn’t keep players with a huge learning curve to get through.

#24 From Other Suns

From Other Suns is quite a bit like FTL if you’re familiar with that title but in VR. Here players take command of a ship with a new technology drive that allows humanity to travel further than ever before in space. All things are going well with your test but upon your return home, a new alien species has taken notice and followed you back. Now players are racing to reach Earth before the new invaders do, but it’s going to be a challenge. This game throws in a few elements of play here. You have a roguelike experience, the ability to command your ship when enemy ships appear, interact with NPCs in space to negotiate trades, and of course an FPS element that can pop up when something like an invading group pops in. Fortunately, this game does feature multiplayer support so you could enjoy this game with friends, otherwise, a solo route is available with players having some ability to command your AI crew.

#23 Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a game that’s best played with a party of friends. Here one player is using the VR headset which they have locked inside a room with a ticking time bomb. With a slew of puzzle modules all around the bomb, it’s up to the VR player to explain what they are seeing on the bomb to the rest of the players. Meanwhile, the rest of the players can’t see the bomb but must communicate with the trapped player on what they are seeing to determine how to solve the puzzle using an assortment of manuals. If they are wrong or fail to solve the puzzles in time then the bomb will detonate.

#22 Star Trek: Bridge Control

Easily one of the more popular VR games for a good while was Star Trek: Bridge Control. This is a game that can be played either solo or with multiple players together, although it’s a game that’s likely best played with multiple players especially with friends. Here in this game, players are taking the role of different members of the U.S. Aegis. For instance, one player may be in control of the ship movements while another takes the role of a captain. From there, players will have an assortment of missions to go through as they talk out how to complete the mission and work together to progress. You don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy this game as it’s just a solid science fiction tactical game.

#21 Defector

Defector gives players the ability to step into the role of James Bond-like agent. It’s an over-the-top action game experience where you’re tasked with finding agents that have gone rogue. Of course, just like any good spy movie, there are plenty of gunfights, tense discussions with enemy bosses, and massive set pieces. While the game is a bit on the shorter side, there is a reason to jump back into the action all over again. Players will find that Defector has a branching storyline which means that certain aspects of the game are locked away, so to get the full gameplay experience, mechanics, and sequences, you’ll have to replay this game. Fortunately, it will allow players to select specific missions so even if you’re not all that interested in jumping back into the game from start to finish, you can at least skip to the sections that had those branching pathway moments.

#20 Brass Tactics

Brass Tactics is a real-time strategy game that has players battling against each other on a living tabletop battlefield. In this game, players are building up their armies and slowly capturing sections of the board game. This is done by hovering over the board, making decisions on what to place on the various points like archers, and commanding your soldiers. While this game can be played solo, there is the ability to ditch the campaign and go straight into online gameplay which will have players facing each other. Meanwhile, there’s even a cooperative game mode that would allow a 2v2  game that gives players a chance to work together against an enemy group. While board games may not be something that players instantly think about when it comes to VR, Brass Tactics is one game that you shouldn’t pass up on.

#19 Zero Calibur VR

Zero Calibur VR is an early access game with developers looking to bring out more of a realistic tactical FPS experience. Here players are meant to work together as they attempt to gain ground, fight off enemies, and stay in cover. There’s a large assortment of weapons here as well with players getting the ability to make adjustments to these weapons prior. For instance, players that want a specific type of scope will find options here for them or simply decide on a type of weapon to pick up and head into battle with. Similar to other games on this list, there is the option to play as a solo experience, but then again you can connect with friends and compete together. With that said, being an early access game, you can expect the VR experience to adjust a bit as the developers progress through the game project for a full launch at a later date.

#18 Stormland

Stormland is a game developed by Insomniac Games which you might know best as the folks behind Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. In Stormland, players are tossed into the role of an android gardener but upon getting shot at, our protagonist opts to throwdown and seek its revenge. With a wide range of tools, gadgets, and upgrades, players will be able to traverse the area without any major problems. From climbing up rocky mountains to using a jetpack to fly around the area, players are out to take their revenge on other robots using a plethora of weapons such as an SMG to a shotgun. As you blow away these robotic enemies to pieces, our protagonist can gather up the scraps of metal to further upgrade their weapons and gear. It’s a pretty decently length game but even after completing the title, there are procedurally generated missions for players to complete so the fun doesn’t have to stop.

#17 Elven: Table Tennis VR

Table tennis is a popular sport in general and now players can enjoy the game through the VR realm. In Elven: Table Tennis VR players are given the simulation experience of a table tennis game and not only can you play against AI but also other opponents as well. Players tend to enjoy this game for its realism and physics. Not only are you going to get a game that is pretty solid and true to the real-life counterpart but it’s also proven to be just as popular with newcomers that may just be getting into the sport. Furthermore, in a day and age where we are all socially distancing, players can connect with friends and compete in this sport.

#16 BoxVR

When it comes to working out, especially during the pandemic, it’s tough to get not only in the gym but also some motivation in attending as well. In BoxVR, this is a game based around boxing but it’s also meant to be an exercising game. There are plenty of modes to go through that will complete and at the end of the game you should hopefully have a pretty good workout. Overall, the game is a bit like Beat Saber which we’ll be covering later on. Within the game, players are punching and weaving targets that come towards the player. It’s simple to understand but as the difficulty ramps up, the game can be quite challenging. Again, it’s a title that allows players some entertainment during their workout session right at home. Get ready to burn some calories.

#15 Vader Immortal Episodes

Vader Immortal Episodes are cinematic-like experiences for Star Wars fans. There are three episodes total with players taking the role of a powerful protagonist that gets in a constant struggle against Darth Vader. With that said I’ll be brief as these are more based around storylines. In this game, players are going through a walking simulator for the most part, but there will be some stationary head-to-head battles with of course the main focus here being the infamous Darth Vader antagonist.

#14 Phantom: Covert Ops

Phantom: Covert Ops is another FPS game with some slight twists. In this game, players are attempting to prevent an all-out war by taking out select targets and completing missions stealthy. However, rather than going around on two feet, players here are going through some wetland terrains so you’ll be using a kayak to move from one place to another. From there, you’ll need to keep towards the shadows and use weapons to quietly take out enemies or again bypass them just by sneaking around. This might not be a game for everyone, but give it a chance, it’s different with the kayak movement which should hopefully make things a bit different than the standard free movement mechanics to teleportation mechanics. Likewise, being a game all about stealth, there’s more focus on taking things slowly.

#13 The Climb

The Climb is a game based around mountain climbing. The video game is pretty popular as it allows players to experience a virtual free climb through some rather gorgeous scenic locations. Players would find that there is plenty of different climbs to participate within, but there’s also the thrill of going through the game with a leaderboard. Players not only can attempt to climb up different mountains and gain progress through more difficult climbs. As mentioned the climb does feature the ability to go through some slight races as you attempt to reach the top of the mountain faster than the others on the leaderboard or your friend’s records. It may be a pretty simplistic game, but for what it does this is a pretty solid gameplay experience.

#12 I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die is a bit like Defector in the sense that players step into the shoes of a secret agent. However, what makes this game different is the fact that it’s less about battling against evil thugs and assassinating targets. Instead, in this game players are stepping into situations where our agent is stuck within rooms. Think of this game like the popular escape room games where your goal is to find out how to open up the door and escape. Each level is a giant puzzle, full of dangers and the need to break free in time. Made to be available for all ages, there’s nothing here that would create much of a scare or brutal violence. Instead, there’s more comedy placed in these puzzles as they continue to ramp up in difficulty.

#11 Gorn

If you ever wanted to step into an old-school coliseum and fight off the greatest warriors in front of a crowd then here’s your chance. This is a wacky, but brutal gladiator simulator where players are tossed into the arena and must battle against some fierce warriors. As mentioned, this is a brutal game full of gore and violence as you grab a weapon and begin your assault against these hostile opponents. Stab with a spear, use your sword to slice into your opponent’s flesh, or when all else fails, grab your opponents with your bare hands and attempt to beat them up in hopes of knocking their weapon onto the ground. With that said, the physics are a bit wonky as the developers are going for more comedic violence than realism.

#10 Swarm

If you don’t get motion sickness very easy then you might find some fun with Swarm. This is an arcade game that’s brutal and extremely fast-paced. In this game, players are wielding guns that have a grappling system attached to them. As a result, players are quickly swinging around the level and firing at enemies swarming around the city. A lot of players compared this game to Marvel’s Spider-Man with guns. However, rather than stopping at any point, players will need to keep swinging from post to post as they clear the level out and defeat all the enemies. Things can get tense, you’ll need to think of where you’re swinging to next and how to take out your opponents. Chances are, you’ll be sweating a good bit of calories during your play sessions especially if you can keep up without feeling queasy.

#9 Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

There’s no denying that Rick and Morty is an immensely popular animated series. Viewers love sitting in and watching the adventures of these two characters, but now players can get immersed in this unusual world. In Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, players are stepping into the shoes of a cloned version of Morty. Here you’ll explore Morty’s home, visit the different unusual world, and help Rick in his wacky experiments. This is a game that’s quite a bit like the television series and just like the series, there are a ton of over-the-top moments and puzzles for players to solve. It should go without saying, being that this is a game based around the series, you can expect a mature experience. Chances are, if you enjoy the television series then you’re gonna have a great time in this game. If you’ve never seen the television series then there are likely going to be plenty of moments and in-game item references that you won’t catch, but I’m not sure why you would be picking this game up if you’re not a fan of the show, to begin with.

#8 Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor is a series that’s been around for years now. After its start in 1999, the video game series has seen several installments hit the marketplace, but things have slowed down quite a bit in recent years. That changed in 2020 with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond which is an FPS title by Respawn Entertainment, the folks behind Titanfall, and Apex Legends. In Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, players are getting a VR  WWII experience with players stepping into the role of an OSS agent. Throughout the campaign, the game will have players battling against Nazi enemies on land, sea, and air, which should give players a bit of a different perspective of the war thanks to the VR realm. As you can imagine, there are plenty of action-packed moments and a story narrative to keep you pushing forward in hopes of seeing how your gameplay experience comes to an end.

#7 Onward

Onward is another early access FPS title that acts as a military simulator game. With that said, it’s a game that tried to be more authentic without much information on what’s at hand with your enemy. There’s no map or crosshairs to help get your kills. Instead, the title wants players to work on communication and working with their team when it comes to knowing where the enemy is and how best to take them out. Of course, if you’re not interested in multiplayer or just want an experience that you can jump in and out of at any given moment, then there are solo experiences where you’ll have AI to deal with. As mentioned, is in early access so players can expect plenty of tweaks and adjustments being made to the game as the developers continue to work on the game.

#6 Superhot VR

Superhot VR is a game that was already popular as a standard FPS game without the VR component. In Superhot VR, players are dropped into a virtual world where you have red humanoid figures attempting to kill you. However, there is a gimmick here that’s been incredibly popular with fans. Time moves when you do. This means that the slower you move, the slower time moves which in turn gives you more time to figure out how to defeat the enemies to even dodging bullets. However, the faster you move around the faster time moves to make bullets travel instantly. All it takes is a bit of strategy to determine where to fire your bullets, how to dodge, punch, or throw an object to take out your hostile forces.

#5 Job Simulator

Job Simulator is one of the more popular VR games to have hit the market. Players can’t get enough of this game and it tends to be a great starter component for newcomers to the VR realm of gaming. In this game, players can take on different jobs, whether it’s cooking in a kitchen, at a mechanic shop, to even being a clerk at a convenience store. From there, it’s working to appease the robots that control the world. It’s a silly game and made to be lighthearted for all ages whether you have a child that wants something a bit fun and entertaining to play or an adult that’s just trying out VR for the first time, you can’t go wrong with Job Simulator.

#4 Lone Echo

Lone Echo was a bit of a surprise announcement from development studio Ready At Dawn which are developers mainly known for their work with Sony PlayStation video games. They have brought out the likes of PlayStation Portable God of War games to the PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886. However, it was in 2017 that the studio delivered their first VR game, Lone Echo. This is an exclusive game to Oculus Rift and one that’s well worth investing in. Developed as an adventure game, players take the role of an android that has been working alongside a human named Olivia on board the space station Saturn. However, a new anomaly has threatened Olivia’s return back home which has put our android protagonist into what may be saving grace in seeing his human companion to her destination. This is a very narrative-driven adventure game with plenty of atmospheres throughout which has even granted the developers the Best VR game at E3 2017. Since then, the development team has continued with VR game development with even a sequel to Lone Echo coming out sometime in the future.

#3 The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead is a pretty massive worldwide phenomenon. With its incredible success in both comic books and television series media formats, players are also given some video games to dabble in this zombie apocalypse world. In The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, players in this game are taking the role of a survivor in New Orleans. However, just like how the television series depicts, the world is full of hostile undead enemies roaming the world. To survive in this horror adventure game, players will need to be careful roaming around in the open, scavenge useful supplies and use your makeshift weapons, from traditional guns, crafted up bows, to sharp blades. Of course, you might not just end up walking upon the dead as hostiles, but other living humans have appeared in the game as well.

#2 Blade & Sorcery

Blade & Sorcery is another video game on this list that’s in early access, but it’s a title that we believe is well worth checking into. This is a VR medieval fantasy game that’s quite a bit like Gorn, our earlier point we made mention of. However, there are some differences in this game as it’s less of a cartoonish violent title and more realistic. Players here are again battling against waves of enemies using a variety of weapons that you can holster around your body such as your waist or back. Then it’s a more brutal and realistic battle against human opponents that start to flood into the arena. While you can use several weapons to hopefully get one over your enemy AI, there is one slight addition to this game over Gorn as players can also cast magic.

#1 Beat Saber

Much like how we mentioned in our BoxVR point, we have Beat Saber. Here, in this game, players are wielding two sabers that correspond with blue and red boxes that will fly towards the player. Going along with the music beat and rhythm, players will need to slice the boxes with the correct color saber while dodging the red barrier walls that will follow after. This may mean quickly slicing boxes around the screen and dodging to the sides or ducking down. Just like any rhythm-based game, if you continue to miss boxes or spend too much time in the red barriers, the game will end resulting in a loss.