6 Best Free Simulation Games To Play In 2021

Simulators are incredibly popular and we see quite a few releases into the marketplace rather regularly. However, finding free alternatives is a bit of a struggle. Still, we managed to pick out a few simulator titles that we think are worth checking out today which won’t cost you anything but your time. Check out our picks down below.

#6 Fallout Shelter

Platform : PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Release Date : June 14, 2015

iOS June 14, 2015

Android August 13, 2015

PC July 14, 2016

Xbox One February 7, 2017

PS4, Nintendo Switch June 10, 2018

Genre : Simulation

Fallout Shelter is a bit of a unique style simulation management video game. While Bethesda has made quite a name for the Fallout franchise since the release of Fallout 3, the studio did make a surprising turn. In Fallout Shelter, players are getting a different kind of Fallout experience as instead of heading through a big RPG, you’re instead taking the role of an Overseer. Being an Overseer gives you control of your very own vault which means deciding where to put what rooms, how you expand and keeping those living within the vault alive.

Players are building up the vault by placing a variety of rooms which includes rooms that provide power, water, and food, not to mention quarters for those living in the vault to sleep. You’ll need to ensure that the workers within each room have the skills required to be efficient. Then you have the issues of raiders or other hostile enemies breaking in which means keeping your civilians armed and ready to defend the vault. Likewise, vault dwellers can be sent out to explore the wasteland in search of additional resources. This is a game that you can easily toss on to kill time every day. 

#5 World of Warships

Platform : PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, iOS, Android

Release Date : September 17, 2015

Genre : MMO/Vehicular combat game/TPS

While this is a free-to-play video game it’s not strictly a simulation game you will get to take control of a warship. Here players are diving into a naval combat title that features over 350 vessels. Being strictly a naval combat game, players will be controlling a ship in which case you’ll have to venture around the open seas in an attempt to sink opposing players. The ships are all made to be accurate to their historic counterparts so you’ll see ships that would have been used during World War One along with World War Two.

Likewise, these ships will behave realistically so the weapons that are attached to how they operate should hopefully provide for some ideal simulation fun. Not to mention, that as you progress through the game, there are options to provide more customization to those ships including various camouflages, flags, and ship modules. Unfortunately, not every ship is available as there are some packs that players can purchase separately. For instance, the Anshan, a ship connected with the Soviet destroy Gnevny which comes packed with 130 mm guns and torpedoes will set you back about $25. 

#4 World of Tanks

Platform : PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, 

Release Date : 12 August 2010

PC 6 September 2011

Xbox 360 12 February 2014

Xbox One 28 July 2015

PS4 19 January 2016

Nintendo Switch 26 August 2020

Genre : Vehicular combat, massively multiplayer online

Again coming off of World of Warships you probably already have a good idea of what World of Tanks offers. The game has been around for quite a few years as players got to jump into different skirmishes against other players in a wide variety of tanks. Much like World of Warships, World of Tanks, offers players a wide range of different style tanks that should react realistically to their actual counterparts.

This is a fun game but unfortunately, it’s not strictly just a simulation title. Here you’re having to battle against other players or AI. There are a few different game modes that will restrict some of the tanks you can play around with. However, being a completely free title with options to purchase in-game content, this is one game that won’t hurt players in trying out today.

#3 War Thunder

Platform : PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, PS5, XSX|S, Linux

Release Date : December 21, 2016 

PC August 15, 2013

PS4 June 3, 2014

OS X April 17, 2014

Linux November 6, 2014

Android June 2, 2015

Official Release

December 21, 2016

Xbox One June 19, 2018

Genre : Action, vehicular combat, combat flight simulator 

This will be the last vehicle simulator piece on here but we can’t help but not mention War Thunder. Again, there are tons of simulators out there that cost so if you’re wanting a flight simulator game, the pickings are slim for free alternatives. With that said, there is War Thunder which is a military combat game that has naval ships, helicopters, tanks, and aircraft.

For this point, we wanted to highlight the aircraft since the past two points were dedicated to one specific type of combat vehicle. Similar to the past two points brought up, this is a game that features a wide range of realistic aircraft for players to take control of. Meanwhile, the title does focus around an MMO combat gameplay so players will be able to zip around in the skies using these big aircraft suited for war, and battle against others in some skirmishes. 

#2 Investopedia 

Here is somewhat of a simulation game that might have become popular thanks to the latest stocks fiasco. If you’re into stocks already then chances are you won’t find much use for this or you’re already going through the simulator. Here players are given $100,000 of virtual cash where you’re able to trade in the stock market. It’s a tool really to see just how well you would do in the stock market if you’re placing money around. This is something you would do with a variety of courses online to showcase the different strategies along with just how the stock market works in general.

However, as mentioned, because of the recent GameStop stock outrage online that happened earlier this year, quite a few new investors are playing around with their money in hopes of securing a nice little profit. Newcomers are generally encouraged in trying out these different simulators before actually risking their own money. While not really a video game, it’s a decent tool that can help hone in on your skills and again with so many newcomers jumping into the mix of playing the stock market, why not bring this one up?

#1 Office Management 101

Platforms: PC, Linux 

Genres: Indie game, Simulation, Strategy

Lastly, there’s an indie title coming out called Office Management 101, but currently it features an alpha demo through Itch.io. This is an isometric business simulator where you’ll craft up a company and attempt to bring out a profit.

However, doing so means designing your office, hiring employees, making upgrades, and keeping productivity up so at the end of the day you’re bringing in enough money to stay competitive. As mentioned, this is a game that’s still being developed with no word on just when we can expect the title to hit the Steam marketplace. However, if you want to try out the alpha version then again it’s completely available right now.