10 Best Nintendo Switch Video Games To Play In 2021

We see quite a few survival games hit the marketplace regularly. If you have a Nintendo Switch platform and are looking for some great survival video games to play right now then we have you covered. In this list, we go over the best survival video games you can enjoy right now.

We’ll of course update this list with more survival games that are released throughout this year in which we think is worth not passing up. For instance, later this year the Nintendo Switch platform will finally get a port of the incredibly popular Subnautica survival game which is a title that has plenty of players eager to try on the Nintendo hybrid console.

#10 PixARK

A game based on the iconic Ark: Survival Evolved title is PixArk. It’s a more toned-down version of Ark where players are tossed into a randomly generated voxel world that acts much like the Minecraft video game title. Players are then able to freely explore and attempt to survive the harsh world that’s filled with over a hundred different types of dinosaurs. Similar to Minecraft, the world can be manipulated by the player so that means you’ll be able to gather resources, craft, and build up your unique creations when you’re not having to fight off a hungry creature looking to make you their next meal.

To go a step beyond Minecraft, PixARK gives players procedurally generated quests as well so there’s some kind of a direction within the game. Of course, if you’re keener on not attempting to survive this world by gathering resources and dealing with hostile enemies, there’s a creative mode where the game allows players to start building up their unique worlds.

#9 This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine paints war in a very different picture from what we are used to seeing in video games. Rather than being a title focusing on firefight or strategically placing your troops around the map, this game follows actual civilians stuck in a city during a siege. With no real way to leave and being outdoors during the day far too risky, players are watching a group of civilians survive the siege within a fortified building.

It’s a game that’s based around managing a group of civilians and placing them around the area to complete certain tasks. You might wander out at night in search for goods and come up with some incredibly bleak decisions that will question your personal morals. It’s not a game that’s aimed to show the more action packed moments of war but the harsh realities that so many innocent face during them.

#8 The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the Flood is set in a world where most of humanity was destroyed thanks to a massive flood. Players will be following a young girl named Scout who is traveling down a river attempting to survive much like everyone else in this lonesome world. Being a roguelike survival game, players will want to aim for progressing the game without dying otherwise they will lose precious equipment and valuables.

Fortunately, there is a bit of a save system here so you’re not completely out of luck when you die. With a checkpoint system, there is no fear of completely losing out on all of your resources and inventory. As you venture out you’ll have to grab resources and attempt to keep ahead from any dangerous whether it be wildlife or a flood.

#7 The Survivalists

The Survivalists come from development studio Team17 who has done quite a few popular video game titles in the past. We’ve seen Team17 bring out the likes of the Worms franchise and The Escapists along with Overcooked 2. One of their more recent video game titles to release into the marketplace is a survival title called The Survivalists. In this game, players are dropped on an island and forced to survive.

Alongside exploring, collecting resources, and building necessary equipment or shelters, The Survivalists gives players all the tools needed to ensure that they are safe from dying off. This game was released just last year and the development team has been bringing out plenty of updates to the title so you should find the game to continue staying fresh for a good while. With that said, we’re still waiting to see if there are any signs of a sequel for The Survivalists.

#6 Windbound

Windbound follows a young female by the name of Kara who finds herself shipwrecked. Players are then left to their own where you’ll venture through the island and begin hunting down necessary resources and gear to keep our protagonist alive. Not only are you finding resources to keep Kara alive, but you’ll also be crafting tools and building up a seacraft that can take you onto the next island where again you’ll explore for useful resources and materials to either consume or craft into a new tools. It’s worth noting that players won’t be exploring free from any worries.

Not only are you keeping Kara alive by monitoring her vitals but also keeping away or carefully fighting off enemy creatures that inhabit these different islands. Meanwhile, the visuals of the game can be compared to the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but that’s about where the comparisons between the two stop. Fortunately, there are two options right from the start of this game as well. Players that want a real roguelike-style survival game will find the game can go through the title as the developers intended. However, those that are wanting more of a relaxing adventure game that doesn’t punish players for losing a life will find that there is a storyteller mode that doesn’t strip Kara away from any of the inventory after a respawn.

#5 Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

Those of you who know about the Disaster Report franchise or have been following the video game installments know that these games follow a natural disaster scenario where players take the role of a citizen having to make it out of the area safely. Back in 2011, this particular installment to the franchise, Disaster Report 4, was halted after the real-life Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. But enough fans voiced their interest in the game that the development studio Granzella decided to bring it out again.

Once again, this is a game based around a destroyed city as players venture through the area having to help people out and make safe decisions that would ultimately lead to their rescue. In this particular installment, the game is focused on a massive earthquake leaving our protagonist stranded in debris.

#4 Don’t Starve

In Don’t Starve players step into the shoes of Wilson a scientist that builds a machine that transports him into a world full of hostile monsters. Now Wilson is forced to survive through the game world in an attempt to find a way back home. Each time the game starts you’re placed in a randomly generated world where you’ll need to find some basic resources to start with such as rocks, logs, and flint. Meanwhile, it’s a constant battle to ensure that you have resources built up and can deal with the enemies that will be randomly roaming around the world.

Because of its popularity, Don’t Starve was consistently supported with new content and DLC packs. One of the more popular updates to this game was Don’t Starve Together, which added a free multiplayer game mode for players to enjoy. Now a secondary player can join into the game where the goal remains the same as attempting to stay alive in this hostile world.  

#3 The Long Dark

The Long Dark

The Long Dark throws players into the role of Will Mackenzie. When a massive power outage happens, humanity has been seeking refuge in different safe havens meanwhile, Will is piloting an aircraft with a female doctor by name of Astrid Greenwood. With the duo transporting something of great value, the plane is forced to endure an emergency landing. Crashed within the cold tundra of Canada, the duo is split apart and must attempt to survive all alone.

For players to survive, they’ll need to monitor several vital signs such as keeping warm and gathering resources. This means dealing with the basics such as starting fires and maintaining them to keep warm. Likewise, players will need to purify water so that it’s safe for consumption. With that said, wild hostile animals can be lurking around such as wolves so you’re always on guard when you’re venturing out in the open for resources.

#2 Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is another iconic survival video game that fans had been enjoying since its initial release back in 2015. However, the title has since made its way onto the Nintendo Switch platform. Within the game, players will find themselves washed up on a shore filled with all sorts of hazards from dinosaurs to enemy players. This online game pins players into an open world where to survive you’ll need to establish a base, make a fire, and gather resources.

There are several elements players will have to ensure are in the green such as health, stamina, oxygen, hunger, and thirst. Of course, you can also build up locations to keep safe from other players, but there’s also the fear of being raided and your gear stolen as well. With that said, you can always team up and go after other players as well and attempt to get the upper hand with a raid for some decent resources.

#1 Minecraft

Minecraft is such a worldwide video game hit and for years now players have been enjoying this adventure survival game. In this title, players are tossed into a randomly generated world where players are given nothing but their bare fists. From there, players can explore the world and gather resources to survive. This means finding food, chopping down trees, mining, and fighting back the hostiles that pop up at night, and further crafting up their tools to make use of another hard days work. It’s all about creativity as well with players capable of building anything they’d like.

We’ve seen some pretty outstanding creations as well with players mimicking real-life buildings to cities. Best of all, this game features multiplayer so players can join in together and build-up, explore, along with surviving the world together. As mentioned, there are survival elements attached to this game as well with players mainly having to ensure their character is well fed. Because it’s fairly easy to handle as well which makes it easier for younger players to grasp the rules and mechanics of the game. However, if you’re not interested in surviving, the creative mode removes the hunger meter along with no means to kill your character.