The Best Video Games For Couples On PlayStation 4

Looking for some games to enjoy with your significant other? There’s quite a few available and if both of you are gamers then chances are you may be well into several video game titles. However, if only one of you are gamers then having some titles that are easy to pick up and understand may be ideal. Here are a few suggestions that we would offer though keep in mind we’re not ranking these in any particular order. There are so many different types of games on this list so ranking them would be tough. Likewise, because of preference, your mileage may vary. Still, here are our suggestions for the best games available on the PlayStation 4 for couples.

#10 Overcooked

There are actually two installments available in Overcooked but they have the same overall gameplay setup. In this game, players are working in a kitchen set up in some really wacky locations. It’s all about being precise and adjusting to the issues that will pop up during your gameplay. The game works best with multiple players though it’s still a fun time with just two players. In order to make up dishes, you’ll have to navigate through a kitchen that is constantly being shifted around through the likes of natural disasters such as earthquakes or being set up in two trucks barreling down the road.

A simple mishap could mean ruining a dish. Likewise, because the map adjusts it could leave a certain player being trapped into one section of the kitchen requiring you to rethink your strategy on how to go about making a dish on time and correctly. Will you buckle under the stress of finding the orders too overwhelming to complete on time? Get ready to yell at each other to keep your player on their toes on what station is needing to be managed at any given second.

#9 Stardew Valley

Taking some inspiration from the Harvest Moon franchise, Stardew Valley was created by indie developer ConcernedApe. The video game put players in control of an old rundown farm with the goal of making the farm profitable again including healthy crops along with livestock. This will mean tending the weeds, clearing fields, planting seeds, watering crops, maintaining the livestock, supplying food, and harvesting goods.

While the game has been highly praised and loved by the online community it is a bit tricky to get a multiplayer game running. There is no split-screen support so instead if you wish to enjoy multiplayer you’ll need to play online or through LAN. Furthermore, the game platforms can’t be different so if you wish to enjoy the life of designing a farm, and making decisions on how to make improvements, you’ll need to play on two PlayStation 4 consoles, each with a copy of the game. If you happen to both own a copy of the game for the PlayStation 4 then you might find yourself spending countless hours tweaking the farm.

#8 Rayman Legends

It’s been a good little while since we had a new Rayman video game though the latest installment, which released back in 2013, is available. This long-running video game franchise has quite the fan base and you may have enjoyed some of the earlier titles released. If not, Rayman Legends is still a great jumping point to enjoy if you want to go through a platform title.

Overall, the game narrative is simple, a dark force has taken over the lands and captured the princesses. Now it’s up to Rayman along with his friends in order to rescue them. The gameplay is simplistic and involves defeating enemies along with solving some puzzles that will allow the players to progress further into the campaign. What makes this a great co-op game to enjoy is that the title will allow players to seamlessly drop into the level at any point.

#7 Choice Based Games

Okay, so this point is tough to really label any one particular game down as there are quite a few options. In fact, it’s really up for preference as you have a slew of different Telltale Games, Quantic Dreams and even the Life is Strange franchise just to name a few. While they are not really multiplayer titles, these games feature a more cinematic experience. Players are going through the games with a series of QTEs while exploring, solving puzzles, and primarily making choices. These choices will play a crucial role in the game narrative and will adjust the storyline as you progress. You may find quite a bit of fun going through the game, getting to a point where you’ll need to make a choice and from there talking out the different options before deciding what option to go through. The video games are also usually on a variety of platforms but you can find the majority of these available on the PlayStation 4.

If you need a few recommendations from these games, Life is Strange is an adventure that follows a young student named Max that returns to her hometown. Upon her arrival, she discovers the ability to rewind time and as a result, players will be able to use this newfound power to solve some of the town’s dark secrets.

The Walking Dead from Telltale Games has several installments that follow a unique storyline from The Walking Dead universe. Players will mainly follow a young girl named Clementine who is forced to grow up fast and survive a harsh world filled with the undead.

Lastly, there is Detroit: Become Human, a game set in the future where the world depends on human-like androids that do most of our bidding and chores. However, these androids began to corrupt and start to gain their own desires.

#6 The Jackbox Party Packs

The Jackbox Party Pack series has been around for several years now and they come with a bundle of minigames. Most of which are catered to a larger audience and best of all, the ability to enjoy these games is done through several platforms and not just strictly dedicated to something like the PlayStation 4. Instead, the minigames are mainly enjoyed best when no one can see the other players’ screens.

As a result, you can connect something like smartphones to enjoy the game series with the host player. You can, for instance, pick up The Jackbox Party Pack 5 for the PlayStation 4 and gain access to five different games to enjoy. There’s a lot of fun that makes playing The Jackbox Party Pack seriesand you’ll even have some incentive to look through the different editions of this game as you may find some titles offer different game modes to enjoy.

#5 A Way Out

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A Way Out takes some big cues to the cinematic hit, The Shawshank Redemption which mainly follows a man and his attempt to escape a prison. This particular game is a bit unique as it requires two players to enjoy the campaign. Overall, A Way Out follows two men that were incarcerated, and in hopes of escaping, the duo works together to sneak around the prison in order to acquire the different tools required to make a successful escape.

As a result, the display is split into two halves to see where each character is in order to help complete tasks. This could be something as simple as distracting a guard while the secondary player is able to head into an off-limits area. With puzzles that require both players to complete unique tasks to finish a single goal, this game can be quite the hectic but also thrilling experience.

#4 Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a simplistic yet addicting video game. This game puts players into the role of a humanoid character with the goal of beating up the opposing player. It’s a game in which players have different stages filled with hazardous environments and you’ll need to jump, punch, pick up, along with throwing your opponent around in hopes they get knocked out so you can dispose of them in some heinous way. This is another game that is great for players to join in together and attempt to fight off other players if not each other. With some wacky physics, visuals, and sound effects, this is one fighting game that everyone can enjoy.

#3 Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Lovers in a Dangerous Time is an indie hit and its a really simple game to understand but as the game progresses, its extremely difficult to master. In this game players are in command of a spaceship where you must explore the galaxy however, it’s not always easy as there are different enemies and hazards you will have to face against. Being a big ship, there are several stations located around which makes it difficult to quickly move to another area. That’s where having coop available will come in handy where multiple players can jump around the ship and maintain attributes such as weapons, shields, and engines.

As you progress you’ll have the ability to make upgrades to give your ship a unique load-out. Furthermore, the levels are randomized so you can find something new to explore and fight through each time you start the game up. However, much like other video game titles on this list, you can add more than just two players into this game. Developers Asteroid Base has made this title to support up to four players within the game.

#2 Diablo 3

The Diablo franchise has been around for decades and while we are waiting for the next mainline installment to release, players can still pick up and enjoy Diablo 3. This action RPG still holds up well today as it gives a fun hack-and-slash gameplay experience. It’s a traditional Diablo game where you pick a class, head into different levels, fight off a slew of demonic enemies, and gather all kinds of loot. You’ll find all sorts of equipment to further buff your character and working with another player will make for some epic questing. There’s even an expansion to give players a bit more content to go through if you happen to finish the main campaign up.

#1 Minecraft

Chances are you heard of Minecraft as it’s such a massive worldwide phenom. Endless worlds can be created which makes for quite a fun and even relaxing gameplay experience. As mentioned, the main focus of this game is to explore and survive a world filled with friendly critters, NPCs, and of course hostile creatures. When you start a game, you’ll need to build, harvest, hunt and maintaining your health along with hunger. Meanwhile, you’ll have the ability to explore and find great spots to start building up a base.

It’s all about progression, getting a system established to keep resources up, improving your base, and obtaining better tools to make the overall experience a bit more seamless. Of course, if you don’t want to go through the game as a survival experience, there is a creative mode option that would give players the ability to freely create without the fear of losing a life, progression, or precious items. This game does offer the ability to allow up to four players in a local co-op or although online you can get a map of up to eight players total.