7 Best Star Wars Video Games For PlayStation 4

There are a ton of Star Wars video game titles out there in the market. It’s not surprising either as the franchise has been around for decades and still there are newcomers to the franchise who are watching the films for the first time ever. While the franchise may be known best for the films, there were several different video game titles released into the market that offered side stories, movie adaptations, and even unique adventures. However, some of these games may no longer be considered canon thanks to Disney now owning the IP. Still, if you’re after some fun Star Wars video games on the PlayStation 4 then check out some of our favorite games on the platform today.

#7 Star Wars Pinball VR

Platform: Oculus Quest, PC, PS4
Release Date: April 29, 2021
Genre: Pinball 

A game that’s worth bringing up if you have a PlayStation VR headset is Star Wars Pinball VR. This is a pinball game that has multiple tables based around the Star Wars movies and television series. Developed to be immersive, players can look around the set pieces and attempt to rack up as many points as possible. This is also an interactive pinball game where you’ll see the different characters moving around the table and even some minigames that brings you directly into the action. It’s hard not to enjoy pinball so now this is a leveled-up version that you can easily sink countless hours into without actually having the different pinball machines taking up your home.

#6 Star Wars: Squadrons

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release Date: October 2, 2020
Genre: Space combat

Star Wars: Squadrons is a brand new video game coming from EA’s Motive Studios. This is a game that puts players into the seat of a spacecraft in a heated dogfight. Set right after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, players will watch a battle between the rising New Republic force against the Galactic Empire. While this game has a campaign that will put players into the role of a pilot for each force, there is plenty of multiplayer gameplay support. Players will be able to take each other on in 5v5 space dogfights. However, those of you who want to really feel like you’re battling in space then you’ll want to make use of the VR support which really offers a highly detailed look of the cockpit of your craft.

#5 Lego Star Wars Series

Okay so there are more than a few Lego Star Wars video games out there and there are more planned. So we are just going to bundle all the Lego games into one post and make it a point on our list. These games are fun and they haven’t really been much of a miss since they first came out into the market. They’re kid-friendly, easy to understand and they tend to stick with the source material rather heavily. You’ll also find that there are some great little jokes that make the games lighthearted. Honestly, if you’re burnt out on some of the other more story-driven or realistic Star Wars video games out there then give the Lego Star Wars series a try you might be surprised by just how much fund you’ll have with it.

#4 Super Star Wars

Platform: PS4, Super NES, Wii, PS Vita
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Genre: Run and gun, Action 

Super Star Wars is a classic run and gun video game that came out on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As a result, this may be a nostalgic pick for a lot of people out there, and honestly, it’s a fun classic game to enjoy today. This particular installment released originally back in 1992 but it did see a launch on the PlayStation 4 in 2015. Overall, the game follows the cinematic adaptation with a few slight changes.

Players would take the role of a variety of characters through certain levels which could mean being Like Skywalker and battling enemies with a lightsaber or being Han Solo and using a blaster. Either way, the game was a sidescroller title and thankfully there were some changes to the game for the PlayStation 4 release. For instance, there was a new save system, leaderboards, and even trophies for players to collect.

#3 Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4 
Release Date: September 24, 2019
Genre: First-person shooterthird-person shooterhack and slash

Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast is actually an older video game title that came out in 2002. The game was a sequel to Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy where players took on the role of a former Jedi that cut his links to the Force, named Kyle Katarn. At the start of this game you’re a mercenary who is working with the New Republic, but as you can guess the plot thickens, and your need to use the former training as a Jedi comes back to play. This game also really puts a focus on force powers and the use of lightsabers.

While this game did see a release on the PlayStation 4, it came with a rather big missing component and that’s multiplayer. There were plenty of fans for this game that simply enjoyed battling it out with players using either lightsabers, force abilities, or even guns from a first-person perspective. While this game doesn’t have the multiplayer aspect for the PlayStation 4, you can still find some pretty entertaining single-player campaign to go through.

#2 Star Wars Battlefront 2

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One 
Release Date: November 17, 2017 
Genre: First-person shooterThird-person shooter 

Star Wars Battlefront was EA’s first attempt at bringing back the once-beloved third-person shooter franchise. There were some issues that fans had with the game initially and as a result, we received a sequel that hoped to have answered some of those problems in 2017. Stars Wars Battlefront 2 released and it kept the same style of gameplay. This was still a third-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe where players would take the side of the Empire or Resistance while fighting in a variety of different maps. Likewise, the game also features battles and locations that were featured in the original, prequel along with the latest sequel Star Wars movies, otherwise known as the Skywalker Saga.

While the game may be best known for the multiplayer action, there was a single-player campaign that players could enjoy and it takes place across several years from the Skywalker Saga. We won’t go into great detail of the narrative, but you play the role of Iden Versio who is a commander of the Special Forces commando unit known as Inferno Squad. First taking place during the Return of the Jedi time period, players are tasked with once and for all demolishing the Rebel Alliance in a plan that involves using the Death Star II. However, as you likely know from the film franchise, things don’t go according to plan, and its left Iden in questioning motives, her choices, and what’s really best for everyone.

Sure this game does have some problems and at the start, there was plenty of flack over the different microtransactions along with glitches and bugs. However, over the months, the development team helped make the necessary changes to bring in a wider audience and content that they would deem entertaining. While the main content updates have ended for this game, there are still patches and fixes that will help keep the title enjoyable for both veterans and newcomers.

#1 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: November 15, 2019 
Genre: Action-adventure

The development team that has brought out the successful Titanfall franchise along with the beloved battle royale IP, Apex Legends, has also delivered a story-driven single-player Star Wars video game for this generation of platforms. In this game, players are set in a period between Episode 3 and Episode 4 of the movie cinematic universe. Jedi have been mainly wiped out and those that remain have gone into hiding, in hopes that they can survive being hunted down and disposed of by the Sith empire. Players step into the role of a young Jedi named Cal who was just a padawan when the order was given out to eliminate all remaining Jedi. While Cal’s master was slain, Cal was able to escape and go into hiding.

Things took a turn for the worse when one day Cal used the force in order to save a friend from falling to his death, resulting in him being on the run from the Sith Empire. Things are not all bad as Cal meets up with a couple of friendly faces that making a resistance group to turn things around which results in finding any of the remaining Jedi alive. Unfortunately, Cal is still very much a young Jedi and is figuring out the ways of the force as he goes on.

This is a single-player narrative-driven experience as we mentioned earlier. Players are mainly going to find that the gameplay is a mixture of the third-person adventure found in the likes of Uncharted, though there is a difficult combat level that uses the overall same mechanics found in the Souls franchise. You can’t go in expecting to dominate every enemy you’ll come up against. There’s plenty of timing and dodging into the mix of using your lightsaber to successfully strike the enemy down. Furthermore, there is a mixture of puzzles and exploration found in this game which you may find a bit satisfying as the game doesn’t hold your hand. You’ll need to carefully think out situations and explore areas in order to figure out just how to progress the campaign story.