The Best Sci-Fi Games For PS4

Looking for a new world to explore or a unique setting? Sci-fi games usually deliver in a wide variety of ways with interesting worlds, unique takes on the future, and a narrative that will keep you pushing to see what happens next. In this list, we will go over some of our favorite sci-fi games out right now but we want to hear your picks as well! Let us know what video games you enjoy most in the genre by leaving us a comment.

#10 Death Stranding

You’re likely aware of the famed and beloved developer, Hideo Kojima, whose most notable work is the Metal Gear series. Hideo became a superstar with gamers all over the world as he worked under Konami, but that came to a halt in 2015 when it was announced that Konami and Kojima had officially split. This resulted in the cancellation of another fan-favorite series from Konami, Silent Hill, as Kojima was in the process of working on a brand new game for the franchise that had plenty of gamers interested. It wasn’t long before Kojima revealed that he had opened up his own development studio, Kojima Productions, where their first video game release would be Death Stranding.

Kojima is no stranger when it comes to developing some pretty out there video game narratives and that’s what you’re going to get with Death Standing. It’s an unusual game and you’re either going to love it or hate it. You play a deliveryman, which is quite a step away from the Metal Gear Solid protagonist lead. While the world is drastically different, there are still goods that need to be delivered and you’ll have to make your way through harsh terrain and some oddities that can prove to be deadly. 

#9 Control

Control is a deep third-person cinematic video game and it very much feels like a Remedy Entertainment title. This is a slightly newer game, releasing in 2019 and for some, it may have flown under the radar a bit. We’re hopeful that if you haven’t given this game a try yet then you will do so soon. It’s a gorgeous video game that provides a mysterious story with some challenging gameplay. Before going too far ahead, this game stars a woman named Jesse Faden, who is seeking out answers to her missing brother where her search eventually puts her into an old building in New York. Known as The Old House, this building is actually a headquarters for a secret government organization agency that deals with paranormal activities. 

Something went wrong and now an odd entity is loose, leaving the building staff mostly incapacitated. Hope is now left on Jesse to find out what this entity is and take it out before it’s able to break free from this building and flood into the world. 

This is a very interesting story and we’re not going to spoil anything past that short synopsis. Instead, this is a nice slow narrative burn as you encounter characters, witness dialogue cutscenes, and even given the chance to read through some written out content you’ll find along the way. As mentioned, this game takes place in an old building but it’s by no means a small area. You’ll encounter a large map with different secret passageways and hidden areas to explore. Some of which will be locked away requiring you to have a certain ability or level to take on the different enemies. There’s not much of a cover system so Jesse will gain these unique abilities along the way such as throwing things with her mind, hovering from the ground to even ripping up large pieces of concrete from the ground in order to use as a makeshift shield.

Combat is also reliant on your weapon. Using a unique style pistol, players will be able to obtain mods and upgrades to transform your weapon from a standard pistol into something like a shotgun or allow rapid-fire like an SMG.

#8 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided takes place in 2029, exactly two years after the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Players will once again step into the shoes of Adam Jensen as he seeks out the Illuminati, a group that was responsible for the Aug Incident of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

As noted, Deus Ex: Human Revolution presented gamers with the Aug Incident, an event where augmented humans became uncontrollable and lethally violent. This was due to a hacker group is known as Illuminati who implanted technology that would allow the ability to control these affected humans.

Adam Jensen is an augmented former private security officer that is now working with a special Interpol unit known as Task Force 29. This task force seeks to capture terrorist groups that use augmentations against the innocent. However, Jensen is also working in secrecy with a hacking group known as Juggernaut Collective that is currently seeking members of the Illuminati.

#7 Prey

We’ve often considered Prey to have the same feel as the BioShock franchise though it fails to hit the same level of success. Likewise, when this game was announced, there were plenty of players still upset over the fact that a Prey 2 was cancelled. Still, after playing through this game, we’ve found Prey to be quite an enjoyable experience.

Players essentially wake up on this space station where something went wrong and now there are hostile alien creatures lurking throughout the area. You’ll have to piece everything together and attempt to find a means of escape. That’s easier said than done as you’ll have to explore the area, gather some pretty limited resources and fight off countless enemies, some of which are able to mimic anything in the real world. The campaign is also going to at least require sixteen hours to complete and that’s just going through the main story.

#6 Soma

Soma comes from a pretty big developer, Frictional Games, that has crafted up some terrifying titles in the past such as Amnesia. This game is all about the narrative journey, you play the role of a man that has been in an accident, and it left him with ongoing nightmares along with internal injuries. In hopes of returning into a life of normalcy, our protagonist Simon Jarrett opts to undergo a risky procedure but something goes wrong. Simon wakes up in a strange facility with machines that seem to have taken up human characteristics. It’s all about keeping a stealthy approach, exploring the world and piecing together the story. 

While there isn’t much too much when it comes to the gameplay mechanics, you will have to keep your routes in track with the enemies that lurk about and solve a variety of puzzles to progress forward. The gameplay may be simple, but the title has been praised quite a bit online since it’s released over the narrative so even if horror games are not your cup of tea, you may want to make an exception and try out Soma.