Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – How To Earn Coins, XP & Tacos Fast | Easy Farming Guide

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, the next in the third-person multiplayer shooter series from publisher EA, is playable right now for early-access players on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

It’ll be available for everyone on Oct. 18th, but Founders pack owners are already running around, blowing up plants and / or zombies before the rest of us. The PVP game features an even larger open-world neighborhood to explore, and you’ll be able to complete PVE objectives with friends to earn rewards and boost your level.

That’s what we’re focusing on here. There’s an ingenious way to farm for XP, coins, and Tacos in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. You’ll need a friend (or a second account) and a bunch of time, but this method provides an endless stream of coins, tacos, and XP. You just have to dial in one particular mindblower’s location.

This amazing farming technique was shared by PS4Trophies on YouTube. Check him out here.

How To Earn Coins, XP & Tacos Fast | Easy Farming Guide

To become a pro-farmer in PvZ, you’ll need a helpful second player — either a friend, or a split-screen second account that you’ve leveled up yourself.

To do this trick, you’ll both need a Hunting License, which you can earn by leveling up and going to Air Ron in the Town Center. You’ll then need to go to the Bounty Hunt, where you can start a PVE encounter while your second player friend goes to the mindblower spawner. The Bounty Hunt control panel is found in the far western neighborhood, overlooking a single tree.

The trick is to drive the mindblower over to where the bounty spawns after activating the Bounty Hunt — then detonating the mindblower to kill both targets before they become invulnerable. If you park the mindblower right where they spawn, then detonate as they spawn, you can kill them instantly and get your reward.

Each time you complete the bounty, you’ll get 2,000 Coins and 10 Tacos for each completion. If you place the mindblower at just the right spot, this can be done in about 15 seconds — and you can repeat it endlessly.