Telling Lies: How To Watch Every Video | Search Terms List

Telling Lies is a new FMV story experience from the same team that built Her Story. This time, you’ll follow multiple conversations as you unravel a mystery, using the power of the NSA to discover a complex web of relationships and story. Like Her Story, you’ll be able to search through files using key words — if a character uses a word in the transcript, you’ll be able to look up their video entry.

To help you discover the story, here’s a list of Search Terms you’ll want to use. The terms are broken into three categories — early story, mid story, and late story. While the terms are easy enough to find all on your own, the order was shared by Steam User Poison Ivy. It’s an awesome idea, and one that just might help you better organize the videos so the story makes a little more sense.

How To Watch Every Video | Search Terms List

Before we get into the list, there is an alternate way to watch all the videos in order — and the videos are helpfully labeled, showing which conversations are with other characters so you can open both files and watch entire conversations play out side-by-side. You can find all the FMV files in a folder here.

  • Steam/Steamapps/Common/Telling Lies/TellingLies_data/ StreamingAssets/Videos

Look in that folder, and you’ll find everything. This is outside the game, so you’ll only want to do this to better understand the story for yourself. Now let’s get into the search terms.

Early Search Terms

  • Alba
  • Ava
  • Berry
  • David
  • Emma
  • fever
  • Halloween
  • Mary
  • Michelle
  • Mike
  • momma
  • rally
  • real name
  • record
  • Snow White
  • target
  • undercover
  • Valentine(s)

Mid Search Terms

  • A-squared
  • anesthesist
  • Black Kite
  • baby
  • Bellevue
  • bridge
  • Daniel
  • Eric
  • Fever
  • Green Storm
  • Jane Dean
  • Jones
  • Karen
  • Laura
  • Max
  • Maxine
  • Miller
  • Organizing Group
  • Paul
  • Peter
  • Pregnant
  • Prosperen
  • Riordan
  • Simon McMillan
  • Smith
  • Steven

Late Search Terms

  • badge
  • barbecue
  • Bitch
  • bomb
  • books
  • broke up
  • cocaine
  • coke
  • firework(s)
  • Fuck
  • Fucked
  • Fucking
  • gun
  • Harry
  • hospital
  • little mermaid
  • Medicine
  • mine’s bigger
  • money
  • reaching
  • she’s my
  • Shit
  • shot
  • Star