Age of Empires: Definitive Edition – How To Unlock Units, Get Infinite Resources & More | Cheats List

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is finally available on Steam, and like a proper remaster, it’s bringing back everything fans loved about the original. That includes cheat codes that let you summon nuke-launching scientists, or summon a baby wielding a rocket launcher. There are a lot of weird, wonderful cheat options in this game, and it’s 100% worth checking out the list below and giving some of these weird cheats a try.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition brings the original game back to modern PCs. Now fully compatible with Windows 10, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition also includes 4K resolution, supports 8-person multiplayer, and revitalizes other old features of this long-running franchise. Thankfully, it retained one of my favorite parts — the ridiculous cheat codes.

Complete Cheat Codes List

To input a cheat code, press [Enter] to open the text input, then press [Enter] again to confirm the cheat code. Input the cheats in bold below.

Resource Cheats

  • COINAGE: +1,000 Gold
  • WOODSTOCK: +1,000 Wood
  • PEPPERONI PIZZA: +1,000 Food
  • QUARRY: +1,000 Stone

Special Unit Cheats

  • BIGDADDY: Spawn Black Car with a Rocket Launcher.
  • PHOTON MAN: Spawns a scientist with an automatic laser-gun.
  • E=MC2 TROOPER: Spawns a scientist with a nuke launcher.
  • Big Momma: Spawn a White Car.
  • POW: Spawn a Baby with a Rocket Launcher.
  • Stormbilly: Spawns a Walker.

Unit Enhancement Cheats

  • UPSIDFLINTMOBILE: Chariot Archers are much faster.
  • HOYOHOYO: Priests become faster and stronger.
  • MEDUSA: Transforms Villagers into Medusas.
  • DARK RAIN: Transforms Bowmen into Composite Bowmen. They change into trees when not moving.
  • BIG BERTHA: Transforms Catapults into Big Berthas.
  • BLACK RIDER: Transforms Horse Archers into Black Riders.
  • FLYING DUTCHMAN: Transforms Catapult Tiremes & Juggernauts into the Flying Dutchman.
  • ICBM: Upgrades Catapults and Helopolis to +99 Range.
  • JACK BE NIMBLE: Stone Throwers and Catapults launch villagers, cows, and other debris.

Global Effect Cheats

  • STEROIDS: Unit / Building construction completes instantly.
  • NO FOG: Removes Fog of War.
  • REVEAL MAP: Reveals the map.
  • DIEDIEDIE: All enemy units die.
  • King Arthur: All birds become dragons.
  • GAIA: Control Nature (And lose control of your civilization.)
  • KILL[NAME]: Kill player [NAME]. Replace [NAME] with your opponent’s name.
  • die die die: Instantly win.
  • HARI KARI: Instantly lose.
  • RESIGN: Resign.
  • HOME RUN: Win.