Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Complete Week 4 Challenges | Season 9 Guide

Season 9 is here for Fortnite and we are gearing up for ten weeks of challenges. This challenges will come in forms of Free Challenges to Battle Pass Challenges. Likewise, season 9 also brings in new content and areas to explore like the Slip Stream and Neo Tilted. If you want a full rundown of what’s new in Fortnite season 9 then we suggest checking out our guide right here. Otherwise, take a look at the currently available challenges below.

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Season 9 Reference Map:

Week 4

Free Challenges

#1 Deal Damage With Sniper Rifles

For this challenge players need to rack up 500 damage against players using a sniper rifle. We suggest going to Haunted Hills and Dusty Divot. Both locations will be used a bit more than normally thanks to the challenge placing players at the area within the Battle Pass.

#2 Staged Dance Challenge

For this challenge you need to do a dance emote within three different areas. We suggest looking at the map above to see just where each challenge is located.

  • Stage #1: Inside Tomato Head Holographic – Mega Mall
  • Stage #2: Inside Durrr Burger Head Holographic – Neo Tilted
  • Stage #3: On Top Of Giant Dumpling Head – Lucky Landing

#3 Legendary Weapon Eliminations

First off you need to find a legendary weapon. These will be found out in the wild where they will have a yellow indicator and from there you need to take out three opponents.

Battle Pass Challenges

#1 Destroy A Loot Carrier In Different Matches

In three matches you need to take out a Loot Carrier. To find these Loot Carriers you need to look on your map for the yellow markers indicating the drop zone. Since they are random you’ll have to just pay attention on your map and rush to the area when spotted. From there all you need to do is shoot the Loot Carrier down.

#2 Stage Land Challenge

This challenge is pretty easy as all you have to do is land at different areas around the map. Look at the reference map to see where each area is located.

  • Stage #1: Polar Peak
  • Stage #2: Lazy Lagoon
  • Stage #3: Salty Springs
  • Stage #4: The Block
  • Stage #5: Lonely Lodge

#3 Eliminate Opponents At Haunted Hills Or Dusty Divot

With this challenge players need to eliminate three opponents within either Haunted Hills or Dusty Divot. You don’t have any restrictions or limitations as to how your should take out the opponent. This is also an area that we mentioned earlier to use towards the sniper elimination advantage.

#4 Visit Different Named Locations

This is an easy challenge to go through. Players will need to visit five different named locations on the map in a single match. The first will be the area you drop at but from there you should chart our your path using the reference map located above.

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