Explore The Seven Kingdoms In Minecraft With This Incredible Game Of Thrones Server

Game of Thrones has finally ended. After eight seasons, the show has destroyed HBO rating records, and our favorites characters have stepped into the sunset. Their adventures might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the fantasy lands of Westeros any time soon. There’s an incredible Minecraft community that’s been dedicated to recreating George R.R. Martin’s vision for many, many years.

And you can enjoy the fruits of their labors, or you can join in and start building yourself. The server is called WesterosCraft, and it’s an amazing, mind-boggling work. You can fully explore Westeros, from King’s Landing to Winterfell, to everything inbetween — and some things beyond. You can fully explore the Sept of Baelor, or go running around the Red Keep. Ever wanted to explore the Iron Isles, Dorne, and all those other locations we didn’t see much of in the Game of Thrones HBO series? Now you can, and joining it is easy (and free!) for anyone that owns a copy of Minecraft.

How To Join WesterosCraft


To begin travelling the Kingsroad, download the custom WesterosCraft launcher here.

WesterosCraft is available for anyone that owns a copy of Minecraft — Java version is also compatible.

If you’re looking to build, you can even submit an application to join the WesterosCraft build team. If you’re looking to engage with the community and enjoy some Westeros Minecraft roleplaying, or just want to discuss the series, you can join the WesterosCraft Discord.

The map itself is mind-blowing, and just trying to explore King’s Landing is going to take a very, very long time. I remember first joining the server back when the show was still new, during the early seasons of the show. King’s Landing was only partially finished, with lots of buildings and interiors that weren’t yet complete.

Now, you can check the screenshots in the gallery and see how much work has gone into this incredible endeavor. There is so much to explore and do, this isn’t just a great server for Game of Thrones fans, it’s also worth checking out for anyone that’s into Minecraft.