Find Out Why These Games Were Removed From Steam

There are a ton of video games released on Steam daily. From small indie developers to large AAA blockbuster titles from beloved developers, Steam generally has almost everything available for the PC platform. Now that’s not always the case, there have been a few games missing before they released to even titles removed completely from the Steam storefront. In this article, we are going to go over a few video game titles that were removed from Steam and just why the decision was made to take them down.

#7 Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus was at once advertised for the Steam launcher. The game did release across multiple platforms but it failed to see a release on Steam during launch simply due to the Epic Games Store. We’re sure you all are very familiar with the Steam vs Epic Games Store fiasco. Epic Games Store attempted, and were successful, in grabbing a number of video games to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store launcher. As a result, Metro Exodus was one of the video game titles that got swept up with an offer made by Epic Games, likely to secure more of the revenue made from the game in comparison to what Valve offers on Steam. This resulted in the game being pulled from being available on Steam upon its official launch date.

#6 The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead: The Final Season has quite the story with its own development. Telltale Games has been prepping gamers with the final chapter of Clementine, the main protagonist we have been watching grow up in the zombie apocalypse. As you may have known, Telltale Games closed down during the production of the game which resulted in the game being in limbo after the release of its second episode. Of course, that’s old news as the game did finish up and have fully released under Skybound Games.

However, this was another case of Epic Games swooping in and securing the game’s final two episodes and full video game launch as an exclusive. For fans who pre-ordered the game originally on the Steam platform in preparation for the final two episodes releasing, they managed to keep the game on the Steam platform otherwise the newcomers were forced to move over to the Epic Games Store.

#5 Devotion

Devotion is a horror title made by Red Candle Games. This is a first-person psychological horror title that was set in Taiwan. Overall, the narrative mixed in folk religion and Taiwanese culture while presenting the game with an aesthetically beautiful environment. So all-in-all, this game is rather standard and nothing that would jump out from the ordinary in terms of being unsuitable to the guidelines Valve established on Steam. However, the reason it got pulled from Steam was due to a bit of controversy to Xi Jinping, the president of China. Apparently, there was some artwork within the game that referred to Xi as Winnie-the-Pooh, which has become a meme of itself. As a result, the development team got some flack and they pulled the game. Perhaps it will release once again on the Steam platform when they manage to clear up the game from these references.

#4 Codemasters Dirt 3

Codemasters took down a few video game titles on Steam back in 2017 and it was rather unexpected. The internet took to investigating why but it wasn’t really clear as to why titles like Grid and Dirt 3 were removed. These are racing video game titles with real cars and its speculated that the licensing ran out meaning those games couldn’t simply be sold on the digital storefront. While it’s possible for these games to come back like Dirt 3, it’s unfortunate to those who didn’t get a chance to purchase it in time. Luckily for those who did purchase the game, you can still download and enjoy it.

#3 Explicit Sexual Content

Needless to say, there are some video game titles that just don’t make it on Steam. Titles with heavy sexual explicit content are not sold on the storefront. For instance, there was a title known as Rape Day, a game about sexually assaulting women and it was quickly a controversial topic for publications all over. As a result, Valve made the statement that games much like Rape Day would not be presented on the Steam storefront. Normally these games don’t make it on the Steam storefront, to begin with, but the few that get past the restrictions usually get taken down shortly after.

#2 Ride To Hell: Retribution

Ride To Hell: Retribution was developed by Eutechnyx and was suppose to be an action-adventure video game title filled with motorcycle driving and combat. Yeah, this game wasn’t winning any rewards and it was even canceled at one point early into its development. However, it 2013 it popped back up and released on Steam. Once released it was considered one of the worst video games of all time. The sales were poor, critics gave it terrible reviews and it wasn’t anything which would have likely got the attention of gamers anyways. It’s likely Steam removed it from the poor reviews and speculated that it didn’t meet the standards Valve has placed on the storefront.


Before the cinematic film Deadpool released in theaters there was a video game adaptation of the Marvel character in 2013. It had the same style and wackiness we’ve come to know from the character and it had favorable reviews. This was a hack-and-slash style game and while it wasn’t winning any rewards, the game still offered an enjoyable experience according to most everyone who picked a copy up. However, the reason Deadpool was removed from Steam was due to the contract between Marvel and Activision expired. In fact, this contract expiration didn’t just hurt Deadpool but it also required the removal of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and X-Men: Destiny.