Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Best Endgame 300k+ XP Farming Methods | ‘Height of Technique’ Guide

We’re not done with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice just yet. If you’re hungry to unlock absolutely everything in the game, you’re going to need a good XP farming method. For each skill you unlock, you’ll have to grind for even more skill points — the price for each skill increases with your ‘level’. In a normal playthrough, there’s really no reason to unlock every single skill. But, if you’re aiming to earn the ‘Height of Technique’ achievement / trophy, these two methods might be your best bet.

These two farming spots will earn you about 1.3k-3k XP (skill points) per run, and each run takes literal seconds to complete. Both of these methods are only available in the extreme endgame portions of Sekiro — you can use these farms to earn enough XP to enhance your attack power with the Dancing Dragon Mask, or complete your skill collection. They’re both viable, and neither requires skill — though one is a little easier than the other.

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Best Endgame 300k+ XP Farming Methods | ‘Height of Technique’ Guide

Both of these XP farming methods are only available in the endgame — right before the final boss. After defeating the Divine Dragon, you’ll return to Ashina Castle. It’s under attack by an invading army. The enemies have been upgraded, and give much larger XP rewards.

NOTE: The amount of skill points you earn for each kill will change depending on your NG+ level. The higher your NG+ level is, the more XP you’ll earn.

Method #1: Ashina Outskirts, Outskirts Wall – Staircase Idol

This method will earn you an easy 3k skill per run. To complete the route, unlock the first Ashina Outskirts idol. In this iteration of the area, the region has been invaded by red-clothed soldiers. Each kill will earn about 600~ XP, and you can stealthkill all of them.

Grapple to the tower and kill the soldier (1). Drop down to the bushes beneath the tower and stealthkill the soldier facing forward (2). Sneak through the gate facing Ashina Castle to get another stealthkill (3). Finally, stealthkill the last two patrolling guards (4) (5) to complete the run.

Reset at the idol, then you can rinse and repeat endlessly. You’re close to the idol, so you can simple grapple up and reset without using a Home Idol. Use Ninjitsu abilities to return to stealth when stabbing the pair of guards, and you’ll be able to easily complete this route with practice.

Method #2: Sunken Valley, Great Serpent Idol

This method is just slightly easier. Instead of killing guards, you’ll be stealth killing monkeys. Travel to the Great Serpent Idol, and you’ll find white ape enemies. There’s one very close that gives you a solid 1.3k XP for a stealthkill.

Simply jump to the rooftop where the white ape enemy is waiting, stealthkill it, and reset at the idol. This is the most mindless farming run. It’s also extremely easy.

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