10 Discovered PlayStation 3 Video Game Titles That Were Ultimately Scrapped

We’re nearing the end of the PlayStation 4 platform cycle and while we have plenty of great titles to look forward in releasing, we’re still finding out about some rather interesting games of yesteryear that were cancelled. In this list, we’re going to check out some of the cancelled PlayStation 3 video game titles that we can’t believe were scrapped. As time goes by, new information, screenshots, and assets leak out revealing titles that could have been great but was never given the chance to release.

#10 Naughty Dog Untitled Sci-Fi Game

Any gamer worth their salt knows about Naughty Dog. The Sony exclusive delivering company is well-known for some fantastic IPs over the years such as Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, and The Last of Us. Each game delivered hours of fun and as a result, each new game announced is instantly highly anticipated. Over the later years, the development team really started to deliver more cinematic narrative focused games after the release of Jak and Daxter’s series. As we slowly moved into the PlayStation 3, Naughty Dog was tinkering around with a new IP.

This IP is currently untitled and you never know the game could eventually lead into a release later on. However, at the time it was revealed during the Naughty Dog’s 30th Anniversary art book that the studio was working on a science fiction video game. Details are very scarce as to what Naughty Dog had planned and it’s likely because the developers could still one day come back and bring out the game. With that said, there are still a few details as to what the game was going to be about. Apparently, this game was going to be set in a world where civilization has been built around a massive hole. With no knowledge as to what created the whole, players would be venturing down into the abyss below.

We’re not sure just why Naughty Dog decided to scrap or potentially put the game on the backburner but because the game was set aside the development studio was able to deliver Uncharted. We know how that series went and perhaps we could potentially see some sort of a revival for this sci-fi adventure with the upcoming console release, the PlayStation 5, but only time will tell.

#9 SuperBot Entertainment Untitled Fighting Game

SuperBot Entertainment might not sound all that familiar but this video game studio was around in 2009 where it delivered an exclusive for Sony. The title was PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a game that was essentially Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise. Unfortunately, that game didn’t hit the sales and goals that Sony had intended for it which resulted in Sony severing ties with the studio. Since then SuperBot Entertainment wasn’t able to bounce back and eventually closed two years after the release of the game. However, there was another PlayStation 3 video game exclusive that the studio was going to be delivering that would mimic Rival Schools by development studio Capcom.

This is another title that is super scarce when it comes to details. In fact, the game was never officially announced to the public and as a result, there are mostly just rumors and speculation pieces regarding the title and its premise. From what we are able to gather this was a fighting game set in a high school setting. Players would be taking on various characters such as a cheerleader or football player. Regardless, we’re unsure of what they would be fighting, if not each other, but it does look like each may have come with their own unique special attacks.

#8 Eight Days

It’s really anyone’s guess as to if Eight Days is cancelled or on hold. The game was being developed under Sony’s SCE London Studio where it was shown off at the 2006 E3 press conference. Within Eight Days, players would follow two different characters, essentially a good pathway along with a darker pathway. Both are after a mob syndicate for their own various reasons but as the game progresses the duo end up crossing paths. Working together, players would be venturing off in this action single-player title in what was supposed to be the largest video game map ever at the time.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive wasn’t really past early development. It’s not really known just why the game never went on with production but in 2008 Sony did confirm that Eight Days along with the studios other IP at the time, The Getaway, which would have been a third installment to The Getaway franchise, was cancelled.

According to Sony, the decision was made due to looking at their line of exclusive IPs coming out and picked the strongest of the bunch for production teams to lend a hand with. Since then there have been conflicting reports from Sony. In 2009 Sony went back on their word and said that Eight Days wasn’t cancelled but just put on hold. So just like how we mentioned, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what the current state is for Eight Days. As for SCE London Studio, the team currently has a PlayStation VR title in the works known as Blood and Truth which does not have a specific release date attached to the game quite yet.

#7 Heavenly Sword 2

Ninja Theory may be best known as of late for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice but their second video game release was for the PlayStation 3  was known as Heavenly Sword. The game was a hack-and-slash title that had a unique story revolving around an ancient blade that was crafted to destroy a demonic warlord. Left within the mortal world after the warlord was slain, human factions would constantly battle for control over this mythical blade until it was claimed by tribes and locked away in order to establish peace within the civilizations again. Legend stated that one day the rightful wielder for the sword would be reborn, claim the sword and as a result, the person would bring the world into a fully peaceful state.

As legend has it players took control of Nariko which could use the sword and transform it to suit the need at any given moment. For instance, players could use transform it for more speed focused attacks or even extend it for long-range blows. This game narrative was so big and in-depth that it even spanned a few CGI animated episodes for players to watch along with a film which released in 2014. Luckily the game was well received by a number of publications and fans alike. Unfortunately, the game just didn’t get out as many copies as the developers had hoped.

So when it came to a sequel there was news being reported that the development team had a story written with a third title following in order to make a trilogy. However, in 2008 Ninja Theory decided to scrap the sequel in favor of a more cinematic video game called Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Since then the franchise hasn’t been touched and Ninja Theory went on to be purchased by Microsoft.

#6 The Getaway 3

We slightly went over The Getaway 3 briefly within our point discussing Eight Days. The Getaway was a franchise that first got its start on the PlayStation 2 by development studio SCE London Studio. This was an action-adventure open world video game that was able to deliver enough attention for the development studio to warrant a sequel, known as The Getaway: Black Monday. However, it would be a few years before Sony found it worthy to bring out the third installment.

From what we know about the game, The Getaway 3 would have been set in London and would also have an Amsterdam setting. Unfortunately for fans of the franchise, it seemed that when Sony was looking at their line of IP exclusives in 2008 that other IPs took priority and as a result, the development studio was forced to put the game on hold. Since then it’s been radio silence and we haven’t heard anything in regards to the game so now we’re in that weird limbo state as the game is supposedly on hold but at this point, it’s pretty much cancelled right?

#5 The Fixer

Climax is a British video game development studio that had a few notable games over the years but you would probably know about them for Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, if not their 2004 release Sudeki. The game development studio is still around today and while it’s been around since 1988, there are bound to be plenty of video game titles that were scrapped and never saw the light of day. One of those was a PlayStation 3 exclusive known as The Fixer.

Not much is known about the game other than the fact that SCEE decided to pull away from the contract resulting in the game being killed off. Only a brief video has released online for this project which shows that the game would have been a third-person shooter. Mind you that this game was supposed to be a 2006 or 2007 release so the video is nothing all that glamorous to look at. However, it goes down as another title on this list as a game that could have potentially been a hit though we’ll of course never know.

#4 Killing Day

Killing Day was being developed under Ubisoft and as of right now it looked as if the game might have been a Sony exclusive. The game was being developed during 2005 and it was even shown off during E3 2005 where it looked rather impressive. This was a first-person shooter with really no backstory as to what gamers would be in store for. However, from the footage shown off, the game looked like it was heavily focused on the environment with statues being blown to bits, glass walkways being available to shatter from gunplay and a good amount of explosions for some more chaotic experience.

With a name like Killing Day, it was pretty clear that Ubisoft had a ton of action being put into this game when it would release in the following year. Again, like the rest of the games on this list, things didn’t go according to plan. Instead, Ubisoft apparently killed off Killing Day when it was in the middle of production. We’re not sure as to why and perhaps we never will know. However, perhaps one day we will get some answers behind the game and why it never saw a release.

#3 Redwood Falls

Kuju is a video game development company that has brought out a few different titles such as Art Academy, The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest and Powerstar Golf. But back in 2006, the company was working on a first-person shooter with horror elements known as Redwood Falls. Again, like Killing Day, we are getting some conflicting reports online as to if this was a PlayStation 3 exclusive or simply shown off on the PS3 with an Xbox 360 version also planned. The game actually has an interesting backstory as it was shown off after developers only worked on the title for just a few short months.

After its initial production, the game was being shown off to potential publishers and it generated a massive amount of buzz. The horror game had interesting monsters, a very interactive world and groundwork for a narrative to captivate gamers. The problem only came after Kuju was bought out. Apparently, the new owners took one look at the game and decided that this wasn’t the direction that they wanted to go and scrapped Redwood Falls, much to the disappointment to developers who worked on the game, potential publishers and a slew of gamers out there.

#2 WarDevil

A subsidiary of Ignition Entertainment, Digi-Guys, was working on a game known as WarDevil an action title that was being worked on from 2004 to 2010. We don’t have too much information about the game but apparently, the development team was working on the project mainly as a tech demo for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So much time and money went into the project that it actually caused the studio to be closed down. It seems to be a game that would have mixed God of War with gunplay and supernatural powers. From what we have found out so far, the game was really only shown off as a prototype for the original Xbox before it was further tweaked.

#1 Coded Arms Assault

Konami has a few cancelled games and dormant franchises in their catalog. One of those is Coded Arms as we almost had another installment for the PlayStation 3 years ago. The game was being called Coded Arms: Assault, a first-person shooter that was announced during E3 of 2006. Apparently, the game will also have 16-player online multiplayer matches and while we got a small trailer for the game, Konami decided to kill it off without warning.

[Source: Unseen64]