Fortnite: How To Enter The Secret Polar Peak Dungeon & Find Giant Dragon Eggs

Enormous dragon eggs are popping up in Fortnite: Battle Royale — which means we might start seeing fully-grown dragons blowing fire in the very near future. To prepare for that eventuality, or whatever is coming in a fresh update, it might be a good idea to track down these egg clusters and get a look for yourself. You never know when piles of dragon eggs are going to be useful.

The Dragon Eggs first appeared thanks to some glitchy discoveries, but now they’re available for all, and you can locate them yourself without trying to enter locked parts of the map. The eggs appear in a newly discovered dungeon-like section of the map below Polar Peak. Actually accessing the eggs isn’t so hard, and you can do it in any mode. You can hop onto Creative if you don’t want to worry about getting shot just to see them for yourself. Check the full (quick) guide below for all the details.

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How To Enter The Secret Polar Peak Dungeon & Find Giant Dragon Eggs

Giant Dragon Eggs are locked away in a hidden chamber at the bottom of the Polar Peak castle. To locate them, you’ll need to dig.

  • Go to the castle on Polar Peak. It’s easier to land from above, but you can climb up in a pinch. Go to the northern-facing wall of the fort.
  • Enter the passage and find a door leading into the interior of the castle. To the right, you’ll be able to blast through the floor. Break through with your pickaxe, and you’ll be able to drop down into the Dragon Egg chamber.

The ice on Polar Peak has been steadily melting, and now there’s a chamber hidden beneath the floors of Polar Peak. The best way in is mining through the floor. There really isn’t anything special to discover in the chamber itself — just a bunch of Dragon Eggs. There are no dragons to unlock or anything like that, but we can guess what might be replacing airplanes in the near future. Crossing our fingers!

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