8 Cancelled PSP Video Games That Were Unfortunately Scrapped Mid-Development

For years the handheld gaming market was mainly dominated by Nintendo and their line of portable gaming platforms. However, back in 2004 Nintendo got a major competitor from Sony with the release of the PlayStation Portable. The device was able to bring out video game titles that were close to the visuals of a PlayStation 2. As a result, this game system was quickly purchased up and became a hit selling over eighty million units over the course of being supported. Likewise, this system was capable of playing MP3s, videos and even access to a web browser.

While the PlayStation Portable was filled with fantastic video game titles that were well worth purchasing the console for, there are a number of cancelled projects from developers. Some of these games were announced at events or discovered from a leaked prototype build. At any rate, here are eight video game titles that we almost received on the PSP but was killed off during development. Please take note that these games are not ranked in any particular order.

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#8 Heartland

Note: No images or footage available.

The PSP had a few big titles out there but Heartland was definitely one of the more ambitious games in development. Under the care of development studio, Incognito Entertainment, Heartland was a project being lead by David Jaffe. This game was set to be an FPS that would have mimicked the war on terror which was a big subject at the time under the George W. Bush Jr. administration. As a result, the game was intended for a mature audience that would have attempted to capture a more personal look into the tragedies of war. There are only a few examples that been mentioned for the game but essentially players would have to deal with various consequences from the choices the made. All-in-all, these big moments was in hopes that the game would get an emotional response from the players.

As production started and an engine for the game was established, there became a slight problem. At the time Sony was working on a game called Warhawk for the PlayStation 3 and the company felt that the game should become more of a priority. This meant that developers were being pulled from the Heartland team and moved to the Warhawk team. In the end, there was a very small team of developers working on Heartland that David Jaffe knew the game would have to be abandoned. This title was scrapped and a new team moved on to create a completely different game called Calling All Cars, which is a downloadable car battle game for the PlayStation 3.

#7 Duke Nukem: Critical Mass

Duke Nukem doesn’t seem to have the same appeal and interest from when it first launched but that didn’t prevent attempts in bringing back Earth’s mightiest hero. Back in the day, there was an attempt to bring Duke Nukem back in a game called Duke Nukem: Critical Mass which released on the Nintendo DS. Within the story, Earth’s defenses decided to craft a time machine to monitor the future but when two of the best agents were sent in go missing Earth’s last chance is relied on Duke Nukem.

During development, it was revealed that two versions of the game were in the works, one for the Nintendo DS and another on the PlayStation Portable. While the two would play differently, the basic story would remain the same. Likewise, this title was set to be the first of a new trilogy of Duke Nukem games. Into development, the PSP version was scrapped. When the Nintendo DS version released it came with a slew of horrible reviews though we wonder how the PSP version would have done in comparison.

#6 Saints Row: Undercovered

There were a few different PSP games announced that we would have certainly loved to have played for it to just get cancelled midway into development. One of those games was a title within the Saints Row franchise. Originally developed by Mass Media Games and Savage Entertainment, developers had hoped to bring Saints Row 2 onto the portable handheld. Unfortunately, developers soon found that they were unable to port the full game experience onto the portable handheld system which resulted in crafting up a brand new story.

Scrapping the idea of a port, developers went with a new story is known as Saints Row Undercover, which followed an undercover cop that was tasked with joining The 3rd Street Saints after a large civil war with the group became a problem for Stilwater. Overall, players with tasked with finding out just what the civil war started within the group and put an end to it. Gamers would still get to explore the open world environment but it was sized down along with other limitations for the game to be playable on the PlayStation Portable.

This game was officially scrapped and was never finished but since then a playable version prototype found its way online. The build is apparently pretty buggy and again, it’s not the full game, but if you’re a fan of the Saints Row franchise then it could be fun to jump into the game and see what could have been if THQ and Volition hadn’t killed it. Apparently, the reason behind its cancellation, to begin with, is that the IP owners didn’t feel it met the standards of the series.

#5 Ushiro

Ushiro was set to be an RPG for the Sony PlayStation Portable that had horror elements to it. Unfortunately, not too much information was released, but from the concept art and teaser trailer, it looked like the development team at Level-5 had plenty of work put into the game back in 2008. Then a year later it was quietly killed off and it’s not really known just what caused the game to be cancelled. However, we do know that Level-5 decided to bring the project back but this time for the Nintendo Switch platform. We might never know what the game would have been liked on the PSP but if things go according to plan, this IP will get a chance to live on the Nintendo Switch platform. Until more official information is released, you can look at the small teaser trailer for the game posted above which was intended for the PSP.

#4 Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition

Tomb Raider is a staple franchise for Sony as it first came into existence from the original PlayStation console. When it came around for its ten year anniversary a development team by the name of Core started to play around with the idea of making a Tomb Raider remake which would enhance the original game along with extending sections. This game would have been known as Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition which would have been available for the PSP along with PS2 and the PC platforms. After getting the good graces of Edios to continue on with the project they really ramped up production. This is where things kind of get tricky to navigate through as there are a few different reports from various developers and producers.

For instance, one report suggested that while Edios or otherwise known as SCi at the time, loved the game, Crystal Dynamics stepped in and crafted up a demo to rival the Core production. This resulted in Edios, or SCi, to keep Tomb Raider under one house thus killing off the Core project completely. While we don’t have an actual playable build, several leaks came out showcasing the various concept art along with a trailer that took various builds to showcase the gameplay. In the end, the development studio was closed down.

#3 Resident Evil Portable

The PlayStation Portable didn’t miss out on several big franchises since it first launched into the market. However, one franchise, in particular, that was promised to release in 2010 for the system was quietly killed off. Each year there is a big event known as E3 where developers and publishers gather around to unleash news regarding their latest upcoming video game releases. During E3 2009 it was revealed by Capcom that a Resident Evil game would be coming to the PSP in 2010. Unfortunately, there was no other information revealed regarding the game and when 2010 E3 rolled by it was revealed by Capcom that the Nintendo 3DS would receive a Resident Evil game called Resident Evil Revelations.

Oddly enough no other information was ever revealed about the supposed Resident Evil Portable title. According to the 2009 E3 expo conference, Capcom did make note that this would be a completely new game with its own story but failed to say just where in the timeline it would be based within. Perhaps the console was getting too dated to bring the game intended likewise, the PlayStation Vita was soon heading to the market. At any rate, this is one title that we would have loved to play or at the very least hear just what the development team had in mind for the game along with the reasons why it never made it out into the market.

#2 Galaxy’s End

From the developers who brought out Novastrike, Tiki Games was in the process of delivering another title on the PlayStation Portable called Galaxy’s End. This was set to be a science fiction RTS where players would be controlling a slew of vehicles and building up their bases. Visually, the game looked pleasing at the time for the PSP and the developers were given stage one approval from SCEA but there was one large obstacle in the way for developers. At the time the developers were having a tough time finding a publisher to help bring this game not only into the marketplace but also a means to help with the finances needed to finish the title.

At the time Tiki Games was a family supported studio and it looked like they were unable to toss more money into the game. We’re unsure just how well the game would have done if it released, but we imagine if Kickstarter was around at the time the developers could have gotten the funding required to really bring the game out.

#1 Isle of Minno

The Isle of Minno is an unannounced video game which was being developed under Sumo Digital back in 2006. We’re not sure why the game was never announced and the reasons behind the cancellation, but regardless, it wasn’t too long afterward that prototype UMDs of this project got out. They were never intended to be sold but collectors can pay a decent price for these copies though ISO packs were later posted online. From what is known, this game followed a young boy who washes up on shore after a shipwreck. It’s here that players can roam a small portion of an island and accept quests from the locals. Again the narrative is not really known and we haven’t actually seen any news regarding the game but Sumo Digital has worked on a wide assortment of projects so perhaps this was a prototype that just didn’t end up being decent enough to venture further into development.