10 Best Zombie PS3 Games

Best Zombie Games

zombie games

Zombies. Those damn things will never die. IIf there is one thing in the world of video games, it is zombies that will last forever. There’s hardly a game that doesn’t feature some sort of undead menace somewhere, be it as one among many enemy types in the main game or hidden away in a secret multiplayer mode. Zombies are everywhere. Everyone loves to kill them. And with good reason. 

First, they are already dead. So why feel bad for killing what is already dead? Second, uh, they’re out to eat you. Don’t need much more of an excuse for bashing some zombie heads in than that. Third, well they smell. Also they probably ate your best friends. 

In this entry, we deal with those games that deal with the zombie apocalypse exclusively. The undead are out and roaming the land, and you have to survive. That kind of a deal. So keep a trusty shotgun ready and your chainsaws oiled. Here are the best zombie games you can find on the Playstation 3.