LEGO DC Super-Villains Walkthrough | Level 2: It’s Good To Be Bad

Raid the GCPD with Joker and friends in Level 2 of LEGO DC Super-Villains. In this exciting level, you’ll get your first taste of Gotham, and you’ll recruit a few more rogues to your roster. Riddler, Scarecrow, and Clayface all join your team. You’ll fight a few familiar heroes too — Batgirl and Nightwing, two of Batman’s proteges, show up to ruin the bad guy’s rampage.

Penguin, Two-Face, and Catwoman help the Joker’s friends when their escape attempt lands them in the Iceberg Lounge, pursued by the entire police force. This chapter is all about wrecking havoc and being bad, but you won’t find much story progression here. It isn’t until Level 3 that the Legion of Doom tries to learn the truth behind the mysterious Justice Syndicate, a new group of “heroes” that are pretty similar to this world’s Justice League.

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Walkthrough | Level 2: It’s Good To Be Bad


Part 1

The Justice Syndicate, the new “heroes” from Earth-3, are actually bad guys! Harley Quinn records their evil deeds on her cell phone, but drops it as the villains escape.

The Joker has big plans, and he doesn’t have time for those Justice Syndicate goons. While the Justice League is away, he’s planning a heist to steal back all his cool stuff from the GCPD.

Before you can leave Joker’s hideout, you’ll need to construct his truck. Use Joker to spraypaint the wall to the left of the teeth, then hold [Circle / B] to send his RC explosive teeth through the vent. That’s one piece down!

Collect Joker’s goons and order them to stack up on the henchmen pad. Climb up (like a ladder) and flip the switches on the second floor. Use Harley to hammer-slam the test of strength machine, creating stairs up to the third floor.

At the top, pull the orange grapple hook on the box with Joker, and construct the hopping bricks that pop out. You’ll build an acrobat pole that Harley can swing on. When the Jack-in-the-Box is full wound, construct all the parts down on the first floor to complete your truck!

Part 2

Now, you just need to collect all your pals. They’re scattered around Gotham City. Follow the green studs — Clayface and Riddler will join you easily. Getting Scarecrow is slightly harder.

To the left and right of Scarecrow’s spot, you’ll find random junk. Collect the random junk with Joker, and then place all three items into the Laughing Gas mixer. Go to the right side and target the vent with Joker to fill the room with Laughing Gas. Scarecrow will join you, and it’s off to the GCPD building!

Part 3

Inside the GCPD, you’ll take control of Riddler, Scarecrow, and Clayface! Smash the desks and computers in the first area, then construct to create a vent. Clayface can squeeze through.

On the other side, beat up the cop barricade and go up to the third floor. It’s under lockdown, so Scarecrow needs to cook up some Fear Toxin. Smash the desks on the third floor and construct to create a Fear Toxin mixer. Now we just need three ingrediets.

The first ingredient is found when you smash the stuff left of Gordon’s office. Use Riddler to follow his clue-sense to dig up an ingredient. Target the spider web on the window to get a second ingredient. The last ingredient is to the right. Smash the board, then use Riddler’s spraypaint to blast the wall. Collect the ingredients with Scarecrow and use them to make the toxin!

Just like before, target the vent to spread the Fear Toxin into the room. Now you can flip the switch and travel deeper into the GCPD.

To get by the new security system, smash the green / purple locks on the cells and build a henchmen pad. Collect up the minions with Riddler and create a ladder. Swing on the acrobat poles as Riddler, and smash everything in the upper office. Build all the piles of bricks and flip the switch to hack the security system.

The gate is still locked! To get through, find the lady at the desk. Use Clayface, and he’ll transform into Gordon. She has a short memory, so the door will open. On the other side, spraypaint-explode the wall and use Clayface to slip through the vent. On the other side, hold [Triangle / Y] to grow with Clayface! In giant form, he can break cracked walls or pull orange power handles.

Remove the gate! Interact with the orange power handles, with giant Clayface. At the top of the stairs, use Riddler to mind-control the cop in the office with a “???” symbol over his head. Flip the switch, and then smash the cracked floor with giant Clayface to enter the Evidence Room.

Part 4

While trying to escape with all their cool stuff, the villains crash into Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge. Batgirl and Nightwing are on the case! To start escaping, use Catwoman to pull at the orange grapple hook, then grab the rocket launcher that pops out with Two-Face.

Now Two-Face can blast silver LEGO bricks! Go up the left stairs and blast the silver chandelier. Construct the bricks, and hop into Scarecrow’s biplane! Too bad Nightwing shows up to spoil the fun.

As Catwoman (and Riddler) defeat Nightwing. You’ll need to attack him, until he appears on the right balcony — knock him into the aquarium, and use Riddler to interact with the Riddle Box. Construct the pieces that fly out to lock Nightwing up.

That’s when Batgirl arrives, causing Scarecrow to crash land. You can play as Penguin, too! Go to the crash site, and construct the hopping bricks to create a spring. Launch up to the high balcony, and recruit three Penguin henchmen to help pull down the grapple hook door.

Now Clayface is on the scene! Enter the vent and attack the big brown crate on the left high balcony. Jump down and construct the bricks to create a rubber ducky turret only Penguin can use. Shoot down Scarecrow, who’s still flying somehow, and you’ll have Batgirl’s attention.

Defeat Batgirl, then construct the broken bricks at the top of the steps on the right. It builds another spring. Launch up, break everything, and use Catwoman to pull the orange grapple hook to pull down the chandelier with the red ruby.

Drop down and grab the red ruby to complete your quest!