20 Biggest Video Games Releasing Fall of 2018

2018 has had a ton of great video game titles released into the market and we’re slowly gearing to the end of the year. As a result, most players will start looking at what upcoming video games are worth checking out in 2019, but that doesn’t mean that we’re done with great video game releases of 2018. In fact, we have twenty video game titles we can’t wait to play this fall season.

The fall season is packed with so many incredible video game titles and we listed out twenty video games that we can’t wait to get our hands on down below. Check out our picks and then let us know what video game you’re personally looking forward to most in the fall season.

#20 Starlink: Battle For Atlas
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platforms: NS, PS4, XBO
  • Release: October 16, 2018

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a new space adventure title developed under Ubisoft. The video game is also one of the few titles lately to use the toys-to-life game model where players can purchase physical tops that can be used in conjunction with the video game.

Overall, the game is set in the future where players find Equinox, their mothership, being shot down by an unruly force known as The Forgotten Legion. The center of the controversy is Wardens, a since expired race that has ancient technology left behind in ruins. It’s with this technology that The Forgotten Legion aims to study and use for their own advances.

Most of this game will be exploring worlds, meeting alien species to form an alliance along with building up your ranks. Also, as mentioned, the game does feature a toys-to-life component which means you can purchase various packs that will help equip specific upgrades to your ship or add in characters.

If you decide to purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch then you’ll find that there is an exclusive character. Nintendo has teamed up with Ubisoft once again where they have allowed the developers to include Fox McCloud along with the Arwing within the game.

#19 NBA 2K19
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Platforms: PC, NS, PS4, XBO
  • Release: September 11, 2018

The latest installment to the NBA 2K series is set to release this fall season. Marked as the twentieth video game released within the NBA 2K franchise, players will find that the game will remain the same and likewise, it will include MYGM again along with adding draft classes from 1976 through 2017. Additionally, you’ll find that the Neighborhood game mode will be available and it’s been tweaked to allow gamers to progress faster early into the game.

#18 Super Mario Party
  • Developer: Nd Cube
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: October 5, 2018

Mario Party is making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch with the upcoming release, Super Mario Party. The video game will be the eleventh main installment to the franchise and developed to make use of the Nintendo Switch motion controls.

Just like the previous Mario Party installments, players will be going through a giant board game where they will collect coins in order to purchase a star that will be randomly placed somewhere on the map. The player with the most amount of stars wins the game.

Of course, one of the more thrilling aspects of the game is the various mini-games available for players to battle through. These mini-games will pin players against each other or team players up after each round is completed during the game board portion.

Likewise, for the first time ever, players will be able to join online and play, however, the full board game mode is unavailable outside of local gameplay. Instead, players will only have the option to compete in mini-games.

#17 Mega Man 11
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platforms: PC, NS, PS4, XBO
  • Release: October 2, 2018

We’re still looking at scarce information when it comes to Mega Man 11, but it looks like the long-beloved Mega Man franchise will receive a new main installment fall of 2018. There is certainly a strong following with the franchise and we know that this eleventh installment will feature 3D characters and environments.

From the announcement trailer, it looks like the same game mechanics are present that the series is known for. Players will be controlling the protagonist as he attempts to stop Dr. Wily. Players will find that the same mechanics that the Mega Man franchise is known for to be present along with some new unique abilities such as manipulating time.

#16 Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  • Developer: Toys for Bob
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platforms: PS4, XBO
  • Release: September 21, 2018

Spyro is back! Well, he never really went away, to begin with, but fans of the old school original Spyro titles can revisit the popular platformer once again. Unsurprisingly we are seeing the HD remaster after the success of Crash Bandicoot N. sane Trilogy where we got the free three Crash Bandicoot titles revamped for the latest generation platforms.

Activision is bringing back yet another fan favorite IP in the same regard. Players will get the first three Spyro titles in full HD glory thanks to Spyro Reignited Trilogy. You’ll find that while the visuals of the three Spyro games have been greatly overhauled, the map level layouts appear to be kept completely original.

Unfortunately, this collection actually only contains the first Spyro game on the disc. Players who wish to go through the two other installments will have to download the copies online free of charge. This is a big letdown for gamers who may be limited with internet access or potentially those who planned on purchasing a copy second hand.

#15 Soulcalibur VI
  • Developer: Project Soul
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: October 19, 2018

It’s been over five years since we saw a major release for Soulcalibur, but now we have its sixth installment launching sometime this year. Developers Project Soul along with publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment has stated that this upcoming Soulcalibur VI release will be set as a celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

As for the story narrative, so far we know that the game will take place during the 16th century and revisit events that occurred in the first Soulcalibur video game, where secrets will be unveiled.

#14 Valkyria Chronicles 4
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Platforms: PS4, NS, XBO
  • Release: September 25, 2018

The next installment of Valkyria Chronicles is set to release this year. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is an upcoming tactical RPG that continues to follow the same style of strategy gameplay that the previous installments are known for.

Overall, players will have to maneuver their characters around a battlefield while taking out the hostile forces. Within the narrative, players will find that Valkyria Chronicles 4 will take place during the events of the first title, Valkyria Chronicles.

This time, however, players will be maneuvering a new cast of characters set within the continent of Europa. As part of the last chance effort to end the war and capture the imperial capital, commander Claude Wallace and his squad are set into a battle that will put them against imperial soldiers along with the Valkyria.

#13 Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: The Pokemon Company, Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: November 16, 2018

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee! are two upcoming video game titles being developed under Game Freak. For those familiar with the Pokemon video game franchise, these are considered remakes for the 1998 release, Pokemon Yellow.

As a result, players will find most of the mechanics that the series is known for such as battling other trainers, capturing Pokemon, defeating gym leaders, purchasing items and exploring the world. Likewise, because this is a 1998 remake, only the 151 original Pokemon will be featured within the games.

Developers over at Game Freak are also putting a slight spin to that game as well thanks to the Joy-Con controllers. When tossing out a Pokeball, players will have to use the motion controls to get an accurate throw. Similar to how the touchscreen functions are made for Pokemon Go, though it seems that the mechanic system will also work for when the Joy-Con’s are docked to the Nintendo Switch.

#12 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
  • Developer: Square Enix, Amor Project
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Platforms: NS, 3DS, PS4, PC
  • Release: September 4, 2018

The eleventh main installment to the Dragon Quest franchise is Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. This video game installment keeps up with the same formula that you’ve likely been accustomed to with the past Dragon Quest video game releases. Players will be exploring the world and fight against a variety of monsters as they go through the RPG narrative. As expected, the combat system will remain the same as a turn-based RPG where players will have to strategically take out the enemy.

When it comes to the story, players will take the role of a young boy who must climb a mountain as is the tradition for all young children during a coming of age ceremony. However, after the climb, our protagonist finds out that he is actually the reincarnation of a former hero. With this new information, players will embark on a destiny filled with combating evil and darkness within the land.

Currently, the game is set to release for most platforms however the Nintendo Switch port has yet to be dated for a release.

#11 Darksiders III
  • Developer: Gunfire Games
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: November 27, 2018

The Darksiders franchise continues on with developers Gunfire Games launching the third main installment sometime in 2018. This franchise is an action role-playing with a ton of hack-and-slash goodness.

So far, what we know about the video game is that the title will take place in a parallel world of events from the past video game installments. In this war-torn Earth, our protagonist, Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is in a quest to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins.