Sonic Mania Plus: Here’s Everything New | New Modes, Characters, Bonuses & More

Sonic Mania Plus launches today, adding a ton of refined features to an already classic modern Sega platformer. There are so many major and minor changes, it’s easy to miss some of them — so we’ve compiled a list of everything new we’ve discovered so far. There’s a whole lot of stuff to explore, included new playable characters, a new story mode, new zones, and new bonus stages.

Basically, everything has been tweaked and improved slightly. Even small things, like level transitions in the main game, have been added where they were previously missing. You’ll even find a reworked Metal Sonic boss fight in the normal story mode — the new ‘Encore’ mode adds even more twists and turns to every single stage. The ‘Encore Mode’ DLC can be purchased separately for $4.99.

See what’s up with Sonic Mania Plus with the full list of changes (that we’ve caught so far) in the list below, and drop us a comment if you’ve found something we missed.

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Here’s Everything New | New Modes, Characters, Bonuses & More


Sonic Mania Plus isn’t just a physical release — you can also unlock all the new Sonic Mania Plus content in a DLC add-on for Sonic Mania. The following content is totally new — either included in the ‘Encore Mode’ DLC, or as a free update to the base game. 

  • NEW CHARACTERS: Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel are playable characters in the new story mode. Each character has their own unique ability that can be used in the remix ‘Encore Mode’ stages — Mighty has the Hammer Drop ability, while Ray can glide.
  • NEW REMIXED STAGES: ‘Encore Mode’ is a new story mode that unlocks after completing the main story mode once. ‘Encore Mode’ sends Sonic back to the start of his adventure, where  you’ll unlock Mighty and Ray — the levels are remixed, with new gimmicks and color palettes. You’ll also be able swap between all five playable characters in these stages.
  • NEW ZONE: Angel Island Zone, a totally new playable Zone, is being added to Encore Mode.
  • NEW BONUS STAGES: Another unique bonus stage, patterned after Sonic Pinball, is included in the Encore Mode. You can also select characters playing the random gacha game in Encore Mode, like in Knuckles Chaotix.
  • ENHANCED COMPETITION MODE: You can now play with up to four (4) characters at the same time with friends in the enhanced Competition Mode. Four characters can play at the same time in local split-screen.
  • NEW SPEEDRUN FEATURES: You’ll be able to save, watch, and share speedrun attempts with a new playback feature. There’s also a Speedrun Difficulty mode that tweaks bosses to be more speedrunner-friendly.
  • AND LOTS MORE: There are many, many small additions and features included in the latest update. Here’s a quick list of everything we’ve discovered so far.
    • Adds transitions to all stages that previously did not feature a transition animation.  (Flying Battery to Press Garden, etc)
    • Adds the option to use No Save Mode abilities.
    • Adds a No Time Limit mode.
    • Redesigned Metal Sonic boss fight.
    • Enhanced menus.