Minit: How To Beat The Game In 25 Resets Or Less | ‘Minimalist’ Guide

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In Minit, your adventure only lasts sixty seconds. That isn’t much time to get stuff done, but you’ll slowly uncover secrets and hidden paths that fully unlock the tiny black and white world. It takes a lot of repetition to solve all of Minit’s many puzzles — but we’re cutting that number down to twenty-five.

If you can manage to beat the game in twenty-five resets or less, you’ll unlock the “Minimalist” achievement / trophy. It isn’t as tight as you might think — it’s totally fine to die a few times and still complete this challenge. I hardly completed the game in the most optimal method, and I still managed to reach the end without resetting twenty-five times. My grand total was twenty-two.

If you want to check out (most) of the game in a single twenty-minute run, watch the video guide above. I’ll also include a quick text guide below, explaining every step you probably should take. It’s a little more optimal than the video.

How To Beat The Game In 25 Resets Or Less | ‘Minimalist’ Guide


To earn the “Minimalist” achievement / trophy, you’ll need to complete Minit in less than 25 attempts. Here’s what you need to do, step-by-step. This is a straightforward explanation with only the required items explained — there’s a lot more you can do in Minit, but this is all you absolutely must do in a standard run.

  • Get the Cursed Sword
    • Go down to the beach and collect the sword. The timer will begin.
  • Get the Watering Can
    • Go right from the sword beach and cut through the grass to reach the watering can. Return home and grab your sword.
  • Get the Coffee & Lighthouse Key
    • Kill the five crabs on the map. Three are north of the pub, and two are on the beach. Kill them all and enter the tavern to get the coffee. You can now push blocks.
    • Travel north and west to find an alcove with a key behind blocks. Push the blocks to get the key.
  • Get the Flashlight
    • From the pub, go south and enter the lighthouse. At the top, take the flashlight. It’s probably best to just reset manually here.
  • Get the Gardening Glove
    • Travel north from your house and enter the desert through the snake cave. With the flashlight, you’ll be able to navigate.
    • In the desert, stop in the trailer for a reset point. Collect the watering can.
    • Travel south from the trailer and follow the sign to the person that needs water. Spray water on them, and then travel back to the trailer, and go west, then south through the quicksand.
    • Next to the sign maker, go west — the trunk will be removed — and enter the basement to get the gardening glove. You can now destroy trees.
  • Get the Sword Throwing Ability
    • Enter the desert and travel in any direction. You’ll eventually reach an oasis in the endless desert. Cut down trees until the ghost attacks. When the ghost floats out of the water, attack it to make the oasis disappear. Grab his Sword Throwing Glove to unlock the ability.
  • Get Flippers (So You Can Swim)
    • Last, you need the Flippers. Go north of the tavern and cut through the trees, then travel east from the pond. Enter the hotel upstairs to save your progress.
    • To reach the flippers on the roof, you need to find five tenants.
      1. Defeat the bandits north of the hotel. One of them doesn’t attack. Defeat all the bandits that do attack to save him.
      2. East of the bandits, you’ll find a tenant that lost his credit card. Push the barrel until you’re “Hot” — I recommend memorizing the location in a casual playthrough first.
      3. West of the graveyard, destroy three of the four trees to this tenant can’t hide anymore.
      4. Travel north from the broken factory bridge and push the blocks to find a hiding tenant.
      5. One is in the pond to the east of the hotel. He’s underwater, wait for the minute to be up for him to pop out in the last 10 seconds.
    • When you find all five, return to the hotel and the ladder will lower on the outside.
  • Repair the Bridge & Get The Press Pass
    • Swim across the bridge and travel north. Hit the top of the three switches to extend the bridge.
    • Go back to your house and go north to the path leading north from the desert cave. Swim across the river where the archers are, and get the press pass from the destroyed house.
  • Disable the Factory
    • Now you can access the factory. Go to the main entrance from the hotel and enter with the press pass. Go south from the office and activate the drill to make a shortcut to the desert house.
    • Go underground and destroy the generator to disable the forcefields. You can now easily access the west and east sides of the cursed sword machine.
    • Go to the west side and push the crates into the left grinder, then travel to the east side and hit all the switches.
    • Stop and reset. You’ll need all sixty seconds here. Go down to the source of the swords where the conveyor goes, and attack the gear. Rush back and get the watering can to water the gear.
    • Now return to the center (with the villain) and attack to destroy it.
  • Final Boss
    • With any luck, you should have 5+ resets left to defeat the final boss. Move carefully and attack the floating swords when they are vulnerable. With a little practice, you can beat this boss with only a few deaths.

And that’s it! Complete the game, and you’ll almost certainly get the “Minimalist” achievement / trophy.