Vampyr: How To Increase Mesmerize Level | Bloodsucking Guide

The best way to earn XP in Vampyr is to suck blood, but you can’t suck blood if you can’t mesmerize your target. There are five levels of mesmerize you can eventually unlock — and a sixth level that’s impossible to reach. You can permanently kill almost every character in a community, except for the top-tier Pillars, or Leaders that you’ll eventually encounter and deal with in your own personal way.

Everyone else? Those people are free game, and by the end of your adventure you’ll be able to suck them all dry and earn tons of fast XP in the process. If you don’t care about losing investigations, don’t care about their personal stories, and just want XP to make the difficult end-game a whole lot easier, you’ll probably just want to begin bloodsucking. Here’s when (and how) you’ll earn every mesmerize level.

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How To Increase Mesmerize Level | Bloodsucking Guide

Mesmerize Level determines who you can control and feed on. If an NPC has a Mesmerize Level that’s higher than your’s, you won’t be able to eat them for their precious XP.

Only characters with matching (or lower) Mesmerize Level can be eaten, and depending on their state, their blood quality will increase or decrease. If they’re sick, the blood quality will dramatically lower. If you unlock all the hints and fill in a character’s backstory, their blood quality will increase.

Mesmerize Level isn’t connected to your level, and you can’t increase it like you can upgrade skills when you sleep during the day. To increase your Mesmerize Level, you’ll need to reach specific milestones in the main story.

Beware, there are [SPOILERS AHEAD]. If you want to know when your Mesmerize Level will increase, here are all the major milestones you’ll need to hit.

  • Level 1: Become a vampire in Chapter 1.
  • Level 2: Resolve the Dorothy Crane situation in Chapter 2.
  • Level 3: Resolve the Sean Hamption situation in Chapter 3.
  • Level 4: Join the Ascalon Club in Chapter 4.
  • Level 5: Decide Aloysius Dawson’s fate in Chapter 5.
  • Level 6: N/A – Mesmerize Level 6 NPCs are impossible to mesmerize.

You stop earning Mesmerize Levels at Level 5 — you can’t reach Level 6, so you can’t kill and consume the pillars of each community. It takes a long time to reach Level 5, but when you do, you’re free to consume every NPC on the map. Just make sure to do it before sleeping — when a district becomes hostile, everyone disappears.