15 Xbox One Hacks & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’re an Xbox One console owner then you know that Microsoft prides the console as being an all-in-one sort of system. Consumers can make use of the Xbox One as a video game console or simply a media hub to enjoy content both broadcasted or through online media services such as Netflix.

For those who have owned the console since the day it launched, you may have some trouble tracking down some new tips or tricks to make use of on the console. We’re hoping to showcase some that you may have overlooked. Likewise, this article will be great for brand new owners of the console with fifteen tips and tricks that will make your Xbox One experience better than ever.

#15 Hidden Controller Shortcuts

There’s a number of different shortcuts you can make use of right from the standard Xbox One controller. Take a look at these shortcuts and how to execute them down below.

  • Hidden Games Ready For Installation
    • In order for this to work you must be on the “Ready To Install” page.
      • LB+RB+X
  • Refresh Homepage
    • LT+RT+Y
  • Open up the hidden menus for selected games.
    • LB+RB+Select
  • Idle Screen
    • Hold Xbox button then press X
  • Turn Controller Off
    • Double press and hold Xbox button