Blasters of the Universe PSVR First Impressions: A Super Addicting, Visually Appealing, VR Shooter That’s Worth Your Time

Game: Blasters of the Universe

Publisher: Secret Location

Developer: The Secret Location

Reviewed: PSVR

Blasters of the Universe is another VR shooter title where the player must take out waves of enemies by using their preferred weapon combos. There is no huge surprise from the concept of the game, but developer Secret Location did manage to create a fantastic VR shooter on their first attempt at making a game.

Players are treated to awesome visuals, hundreds and hundreds of weapons and mods to choose from, and an electric soundtrack. But how does the game hold up in the gameplay department, you know the reason you bought the game, let’s find out!

Blasters of the Universe’s story centers around a man who stole a VR game machine from his local game store, which then turned him into a grandmaster villain within the game itself. Players will dawn the headset and take out the grandmaster and the slew of enemies that are loyal to him.

The story of the game takes a backseat for the majority of the time, and there’s really no surprise to that. VR games typically focus on gameplay, and Secret Location did a great job with that in Blasters of the Universe. The aesthetic of the game feels very 90’s, like you’re almost transported into an arcade game from back in the day. It is truly stunning, plus the range of viewing angles is phenomenal.

For those who want to play this game, you better have space as this is a very active game — head dodging, titling, and moving are essential. The game is almost comparable to Superhot, but unlike Superhot, Blasters of the Universe does not utilize a slow-down motion ability, but rather use slow-moving bullets shot from the enemies.

This creates the sense of slow motion, without using a slow-motion mechanic. This is when players will have to strategically dodge the bullets wave of their enemies. That’s where the head tilting, moving, and dodging comes into play.

As you’re trying to dodge and whatnot, you will have to take out enemies that flood the screens. Some are flying, some are running towards you, and some are big tanks in the distance. The variance of enemies is wide keeping players always on their toes.

Speaking of wide variance, developer Secret Location did manage to insert a bunch of weapons and mods for players to choose from. Slow pistols, shotguns with big bursts, and machine guns with rapid fire are literally just the surface of what you could use in the game. Another noteworthy mention is that the game is very heavy on PlayStation Move controllers, so you will need to have those charged up if you are planning on playing this particular title.

Blasters of the Universe is a great VR shooter, especially with its relatively low price of $15. There aren’t a lot of missions to complete, and you will most likely beat the game within 3-5 hours, but the replay value of the game adds substance.

Compete in daily and weekly challenges, beat the game in Hell mode, and go the distance in the endless wave mode. At the surface, Blasters of the Universe looks like it lacks in content, but it makes up for it with its addicting gameplay and its handful of modes to play.

So have you played Blasters of the Universe yet? Do you plan on picking up the VR title? Let us know in the comments below!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.