Dynasty Warriors 9: How To Get A New Horse | Game Guide

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around for what seems like ages with the latest installment in the series being Dynasty Warriors 9. Sparked into existence back in 1997, the overall series has received countless spin-offs along with installments to the main series over the years. Recently, the latest main installment of the long-beloved hack and slash series, Dynasty Warriors 9, has launched for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

While the series as a whole has received some tweaking and slight innovations, this latest release may have one of the biggest innovations from developers Omega Force since changing the game up from the standard fighting title when Dynasty Warriors first launched. Dynasty Warriors 9 claim to fame is its open-world environment, a drastic change up in comparison to the previous title releases.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Horse 101 Guide

This open world aspect to Dynasty Warriors 9 really offers players a massive world to roam around and a such you’ll definitely want to make use of a horse. The game wouldn’t make much sense for players to sprint great distances and if you’re not going to make use of the fast travel points within the game, you’ll likely want to use a trusty horse.

Luckily, the game offers players a horse to use right from the start. For starting out the horse will do just fine even if you have to use fast travel points in order to gain a bit closer in distance to your destination.

How To Acquire New Horse

If you want to spend a bit of coin to get a new horse then you’ll need to head to a stable master. These can be found in major cities.

  • Note: You’ll want to progress in the game a bit in order to have a major city or two. Stable masters are only available in major cities.
  • Note: The higher priced horses will have better stats.

Once you speak with a stable master you’ll have the option to purchase a new horse. As expected, the higher priced horses are the better options though each has varying stats. Some may be faster than others so determine what horse you’re looking for.

Picking Up Your Horse

When you have purchased a horse or if you own a few horses, you can head to the Stables a speak with the stable master. You can then select your horse to use which will switch out automatically.

How To Upgrade Your Horse

All of the horses can be upgraded which will improve their stats such as running. The best way to upgrade your horse is simply by using it and also attacking enemies while riding the horse.

  • Note: Attacking while on horseback will be your best to level up the horse faster.

Selling Your Horse

You can sell your horse at the stable master which will state just how much money you can gain from selling the horse.

  • Note: The better your horse stats are the more money you’ll receive when you sell it.