FF12: The Zodiac Age – Earn Fast LP & Rare Items In Trial Mode | Early Farming Guide

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is the another Square-Enix remaster to hit Steam, finally giving PC fans a chance to play this critically acclaimed PS2-era RPG. The Zodiac Age adds a bevy of useful features and modes along with enhanced graphics. The new Job system is what really stands out, an inclusion from the updated European-only release, allowing each of your six main characters to select up to two jobs each, giving them specialized Job Boards.

There are two forms of character ‘currency’ in FF12: The Zodiac Age — LP and XP. Even at the lowest level, you can enhance your character with an endless amount of LP and unlock an entire job board’s worth of enhancements. The more spots you earn with LP, the more powerful your characters can become — there are physical damage boosters, magic boosters, HP boosters, and all your standard weapons and armor unlocks.

You’ll even be able to get your hands on some extremely awesome rare gear earlier in the game — if you use this game-breaking method right at the start.

Earn Fast LP & Rare Items In Trial Mode | Early Farming Guide

The following farming method is recommended for the early game, but you can use it at any time throughout the story to farm LP and rare gear. This method primarily concerns a new mode — Trial Mode.

  • NOTE: To make LP farming ultra-fast, you’ll need to find and equip Golden Amulets. Golden Amulets double the amount of LP you earn. Golden Amulets can be found in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea (Platform 1 – Refinery), Feywood (White Magick’s Embrace), Pharos – Subterra (Penumbra – South) and bought from the Bazaar in the ‘Gilt Phylactery’ set.


Right after acquiring Vaan in the main story, you can begin using Trial Mode. In Trial Mode, you fight through 100+ floors, where you can earn rare treasure and items. The game autosaves after every floor, so you’ll never lose the gear you’ve acquired.

  • How To Use Trial Mode:
    • From the Main Menu, select Trial Mode and select your save file.
    • You’ll be dropped into Trial Mode with that file’s party and equipment.
    • To leave Trial Mode with all items and LP you’ve earned, simply load the autosave like you normally would when playing the actual game. You’ll drop back where you left on, with everything you earned.

In Trial Mode, you don’t earn XP, but you do earn LP and items. LP is the most important currency in the game — technically, you could run through the entire game on Level 1 and just unlock everything you need in Trial Mode.

After every 10 floors, you’ll be able to manually save and get a bunch of bonus reward items. On each floor, there are chests with rare items, and enemies you can steal from. Many of these chests / items carry high level gear you won’t be able to get until the end of the game.

To get the most out of Trial Mode, you’ll need to acquire the Thief’s Cuffs (higher chance of stealing rare items) and the Diamond Armlet (higher chance of finding rare items in chests).

  • Thief’s Cuffs: This can be found in the Mosphoron Wastes Camp, a chest in Zertinan Caverns (near a save point) or stolen from the Gil Snapper on Floor 30 of Trial Mode.
  • Diamond Armlet: Find this in Trial Mode – Floor 1 from a chest. Rarely appears.

Simply run through Trial Mode, fight enemies, steal from enemies, open chests, and continue up until you lose, then repeat the process. This is a pretty useful strategy at any point in the game, and it works in Normal Mode, Hard Mode, New Game+ and New Game-.