The Inpatient: Past Memories Locations | All 21 Collectibles Guide

Relive the past and explore the history of The Inpatient with all 21 collectible locations. Memories are the collectibles of The Inpatient, and each one you find will transport you to a short sequence that helps explain the backstory of the mental facility that first appeared in Until Dawn. Most of these you’ll find on your own, but a few can be pretty tricky to locate without a few hints. Check the full guide below for simple text instructions for every single memory.

The Inpatient in a PSVR-exclusive horror adventure set in the same universe as Until Dawn. In that game, your unlucky band of teenagers encounter an abandoned asylum in the mountains. The Inpatient shows you the events that lead to the closing of the facility, and how (basically) everything went bad. We won’t spoil the surprises here, but it’s not going to be a pleasant journey.

All Memories Locations | Collectibles Guide


There are 21 memories to find in The Inpatient and they are missable. If you miss one of the collectibles, you’ll have to restart from the beginning of the game. Finding all 21 memories will unlock the ‘The Disturbing Truth’ trophy.

  • Memory #1: 14/01/1952 – Unmissible. You’ll automatically collect this memory at the start of the game.
  • Memory #2: 30/01/1952 – After entering your cell for the first time, you’ll eventually get control after a short movement tutorial. Grab the paper on the nightstand near your bed and turn it over to find this memory.
  • Memory #3: 29/01/1952 – When you meet your cellmate, a nurse will arrive with food. Touch the glowing leaf in your cell window.
  • Memory #4: 21/01/1952 – Later, you’ll wake up to an alarm blaring down the hallway. Your nurse will bring food and drop it off before running out. Collect the memory from the mug to the left of the door, where the nurse left the tray.
  • Memory #5: 20/01/1952 – Eventually, you’ll have a short conversation with your cellmate. He’ll suggest you rest and save your energy. Check the cell door — the barred window is now glowing and will trigger a memory.
  • Memory #6: 16/01/1952 – Your cellmate will share a cockroach with you, then approach the window to talk.  When the talk is over, walk over and look at the calendar hanging on the wall, to the right of the door.
  • Memory #7: 14/01/1952 – Finally, you’ll be able to leave your room. Explore the hallway and find the orderly’s corpse. To the left of the body, enter the stock room and touch the calendar on the wall to the left.
  • Memory #8: 14/01/1952 – Continue down the hall past the orderly and look on the right side for a cell door labeled “William Bates” — there’s a glowing item inside you can focus on.
  • Memory #9: 14/01/1952 – Directly after the previous memory, walk down to the Commons area and through the open double doors to the left. Pick up the glowing paper on the table in the middle of the room and turn it around.
  • Memory #10: 14/01/1952 – Take the elevator down to retrace your steps to the medical room on the left. Enter the small office in the corner of the medical room and interact with the chart on the desk.
  • Memory #11: 14/01/1952 – Still on the ground floor, cross over to the long room full of beds. In the back-right, examine the muzzle on a pillow.
  • Memory #12: 14/01/1952 – A little later, you’ll meet up with survivors in the doctor’s office. You’ll follow the nurse through the hall and toward the stairs. Before going upstairs, there’s a hallway to the left with a cell you can look into. Through the barred door window, there’s a glowing object that triggers a memory.
  • Memory #13: 14/01/1952 – When leaving the interior to cross the courtyard area, you’ll quickly find a sign just ahead (and slightly left) through the door. Examine it for another memory. Grab it before you reach the church.
  • Memory #14: 14/01/1952 – At the church, go upstairs and cross to the back balcony to find a glowing candle. Examine it to get another memory.
  • Memory #15: 14/01/1952 – Right after getting up from the wheelchair in the old tunnels beneath the church, turn right and look for a small glowing box inside some metal cages. Very tricky to spot.
  • Memory #16: 14/01/1952 – Still in the underground tunnels, follow the path with the survivors. On the main path, you’ll enter a room with a desk. Grab the glowing paper off the desk — you can’t miss it.
  • Memory #17: 14/01/1952 – Later, your group will pause after passing by the previous collectible. Continue on and look right until you find a cafeteria that’s completely optional. There’s a glowing bottle you’ll need to interact with here.
  • Memory #18: 14/01/1952 – Follow the survivors up the stairs. At the top, enter the room to the left. There’s a laundry bin with a lab coat you can examine.
  • Memory #19: 13/01/1952 – Ride the elevator up to the second floor later in the game. Go toward the cable car and turn left — there’s a poster on the wall you can grab before entering the car itself.
  • Memory #20: 13/01/1952 – Before entering the cable car, you can do some more exploring and grab the last two memories. The next memory is on the first floor. Return to the elevator and go down to 1F. Touch the door to the left to start a memory.
  • Memory #21: 13/01/1952 – The final memory is located in the Lobby. Return to the elevator and press L. Find the painting of the butterfly to the left.

And that’s all 21 memories. Find them all, and the trophy should pop.