Tekken 7: How To Earn Fast Gold, Custom Gear & Rank Up | Treasure Battle Guide

If you’re low on Fight Money, or if you’re looking to unlock lots of customization items in Tekken 7, you’ll have to play the Treasure Battle mode. Annoyingly, customization items are unlocked by random, and most of the special battles are painfully difficult if you’re an Iron Fist newbie. Even the best players are going to have to play Tekken 7 for a long, long time to earn cash / clothing.

That is, unless you use an incredibly useful little trick. Treasure Battles, naturally, get more difficult the longer you play — but, there are two easy methods you can use to quickly win battles without even trying. We’re going to list two separate strategies you can use to conquer Treasure Battle and reach the highest ranks with minimum effort.

Gold & Custom Gear Farming Trick

There are two characters we’ll be using to conquer Treasure Battle — Eliza and Katarina. You don’t need to know anything about these character. Even if you’ve never played as either of these characters, you’ll be able to reach the upper echelons of Treasure Battle mode with barely any effort.


Treasure Battle Farming: The Katarina Method

To crush Treasure Battle with Katarina, you’ll need to learn the Nimble Cutter combo. This is an incredibly easy combo — just press [Circle / B].

  1. Select Katarina
  2. Spam Nimble Cutter [Circle / B]
  3. Crush every opponent

Almost every opponent will get crushed by this combo. Early on, you’ll be able to dominate the CPU. Later, you may want to learn some other moves to handle Fighter and beyond.

  • NOTE: If your CPU opponent is blocking Nimble Cutter too much, switch to Nimble Cutter to Harrier.

At the higher levels, hit Nimble Cutter, then wait for the CPU to come to you, then hit Nimble Cutter again. You’ll usually catch them with the combo first when they charge toward you. It takes a little effort, but it’s still incredibly easy and will make reaching the highest rank surprisingly easy.

Use a Turbo Controller to make this trick even easier. Swap [Circle / B] to [Cross / A] in Controller Settings and you can leave the game on all night.

Treasure Battle Farming: The Eliza Method

Just like Katarina, you’ll want to spam a single simple-to-use attack. This can’t be spammed with a Turbo Controller, but it’s still impressively easy to maintain to high ranks.

  1. Select Eliza
  2. Spam Dark Wave [Quarter-Circle Down-Forward + Triangle / Y]
  3. Easily win

The long-range attack spam is powerful against the CPU, and it will slowly build Eliza’s EX meter. When it’s fully charged, use Dark Wave Chaos, Dark Blade Chaos, or Dark Tempest Chaos. It helps to learn a few moves to launch enemies away when they get close, but this is still an impressively simple way to smash CPU opponents.

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