Tekken 7: Which Direction To Sidestep For Every Character | Tips & Tricks

Tekken 7  is a pretty complicated game. As the arbiter for 3D fighters in this generation, Tekken 7 features that all-powerful sidestepping ability. Naturally, it’s better to sidestep in one direction sometimes, and certain characters always heavily favor one direction of the other. Basically, if you don’t know which direction to sidestep, you can check out this super-helpful (and simple) list that will probably save you most of the time.

This list was generated by Steam User Mus with information gathered by Tekken Gamer.com — it isn’t a hard-and-fast list. Sidestepping won’t always save your bacon, but 90% of the time, if you don’t know which direction to dodge, this breakdown will help you. Enough with all the introductions, let’s dive into the complete list. It’s a doozy.

For beginners, here’s our Tekken 7 character difficulty breakdown, describing which characters are the easiest and hardest to learn.

See Which Direction To Sidestep For Every Character | Tips & Tricks

The following list is a general-purpose guide, recommending the direction you should generally sidestep to avoid attacks when in a match versus a fighter.

Sometimes spacing / blocking is more important, and certain characters (like Geese) have almost as many moves you’ll need to dodge in the opposite direction than listed below. Still, for most players, these general rules should help.

  • Akuma: Sidestep Left
  • Alisa: Sidestep Left
  • Asuka: Sidestep Right
  • Bob: Sidestep Right
  • Brian: Sidestep Right
  • Claudio: Sidestep Left
  • Devil Jin: Sidestep Left
  • Dragunov: Sidestep Right
  • Eddy: Sidestep Right
  • Eliza: Sidestep Left
  • Feng: Sidestep Left
  • Geese: Sidestep Right
  • Gigas: Sidestep Left
  • Heihachi: Sidestep Left
  • Hwoarang: Sidestep Right
  • Jack-7: Sidestep Left
  • Jin: Sidestep Right
  • Josie: Sidestep Left
  • Katarina: Sidestep Right
  • Kazumi: Sidestep Right
  • Kazuya: Sidestep Left
  • King: Sidestep Right
  • Kuma: Sidestep Right
  • Lars: Sidestep Right
  • Law: Sidestep Right
  • Lee: Sidestep Left
  • Leo: Sidestep Right
  • Lili: Sidestep Left
  • Lucky Chloe: Sidestep Left
  • Master Raven: Sidestep Left
  • Miguel: Sidestep Left
  • Nina: Sidestep Right
  • Panda: Sidestep Right
  • Paul: Sidestep Right
  • Shaheen: Sidestep Left
  • Steve: Sidestep Left
  • Xiaoyu: Sidestep Left
  • Yoshimitsu: Sidestep Left


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