Best Tower Defense Games of All Time

8. Revenge of the Titans

revenge of the titans

Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac OS X

Revenge of the Titans, developed by Puppy Games and hereafter referred to as Titans, follows the story of the aftermath of an alien invasion which has ravaged Earth. You, the player, are tasked with pushing back waves of enemy Titans, but Titans has a twist – there aren’t any specific lanes which enemies will attack through. Rather, they’ll all run at you from a specific direction, forcing you to use defenses wisely. Another game mechanic worthy of serious consideration is the use of the numerous crystal deposits dotted around the maps, which give you money to build more towers (if you build a crystal refinery on top of them, that is). On top of the excellent gameplay, Titans also features a great minimalist dystopian art style (which made perfect sense in my head, promise), which makes it a must buy.