SecretLab Introduces Their Luxurious NAPA Line Gaming Chairs

SecretLab has recently launched a new line of what they are calling their ultra-luxurious Napa leather series. This series will include a new edition of both the Omega and the Titan which are made with a more expensive leather.

We’ve reviewed a number of SecretLab chairs in the past and most recently, we checked out their latest editions of the Omega 2018 and Throne 2018. All of the reviews in the past has been favorable and we highly recommend checking their line of gaming chairs out.

Their latest editions are made with a Napa leather which is used for more luxury vehicles and is said to be “incredibly soft, durable yet supple” according to the press release that was sent over by SecretLab. For the most part, it seems that the same overall mechanics and features are brought over from previous editions of both the Omega and Titan.

Because of the Napa leather, gamers will be paying quite a bit more in comparison to the standard editions. For instance, the Titan Napa will set you back $900 while the Omega Napa has a price tag of $850, though both are currently offered for a bit less on the official SecretLab website.

If you can do without the luxurious leather, we can still speak highly of the Omega, Throne, and Titan which will cost significantly less than their Napa counterparts.