Bloodborne: Fight Two Cut Bosses With These Chalice Dungeon Codes

Delve deeper into the nightmare than ever before — some incredible fans of the seminal Souls-like  Bloodborne didn’t just uncover two complete boss battles after hacking the game’s files, the bosses have been recreated in Chalice Dungeons that anyone can access with the proper code.

Chalice Dungeons are the procedurally-generated optional areas that are jam-packed with secrets. Normally, players can cook up and share their particular dungeons after they’ve been generated, but one player (Zullie the Witch) went above and beyond. The venerable player didn’t just hack through the game files to find cut content, she’s also shared some incredible Chalice Dungeons. Two recently-discovered bosses are the best cut content yet discovered — they’re fully animated, textured, and sampled with piercing screeches, and you can fight them.

Cut Content Chalice Dungeons

WARNING: It’s probably worth noting that this cut content is hardly finished, stable, or bug tested. Naturally, there are lots and lots of issues with these recreations, as they were never meant to be played. Enter these Chalice Dungeons at your own risk. We strongly recommend backing up your game save files before delving into the dungeons. 


There are two unique boss battles you can access with Chalice Dungeon codes. To enter a Chalice Dungeon, use the gravestone in the Hunter’s Dream and search for a glyph — a text box will open, and you can type in the following codes.

  • To fight the “Moon Presence” enter: sikgc3sm
  • To fight the “Great One Beast” enter: arkhv2vs.

The bosses are obviously unfinished, with only a handful of animations. The arenas are also incomplete, with missing areas you can easily get trapped on. The bosses will attack through the “fog doors” when you enter, but they will attack.

The first of the bosses, the “Moon Presence” appears to be an earlier version of the final boss battle, or even an early concept for the Orphan of Kos — his arena resembles a beach, much like the Orphan, and the Moon Presence-like enemy appears half-formed, dragging around disgusting entrails.

The “Great One Beast” is a regal, otherworldly werewolf creature. There are many beasts in the main game, but we’ve never seen one like this before — it appears to be a mix, a beast with kin characteristics.

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