New Deadpool Trailer Breakdown from a Marvel Fan

Deadpool Video Game trailer breakdown

Marvel fans, and comic book geeks know Deadpool. He's the "merc with a mouth," the comic book character that knows he's in a comic book, and has the worst Marvel adaptation in the history of Hollywood (I'm sorry Ryan Reynolds. I know you tried your best). Deadpool is so beloved and iconic, that while many people want to do the character right, they're going to receive the harshest criticism.

I'm not sure how the new Deadpool video game is going to be, but from the recent trailer, which you can watch below, I can say that at the very least, they certainly have a Deadpool game, whether it's the kind you wanted or not. There are some aspects that are so great that my inner comic book geek screams out in joy. However, it is extremely obnoxious and after multiple viewings, even I got a little tired of it. I could go on forever about what I like and don't like about the video… so I'm going to.

Deadpool is insane. He's got a tumor in his brain (most of the time) that makes him spout random stuff, literally talk to himself, and break the fourth wall on nearly every other page, plus he's got an ego to match. This makes him such an entertaining comedic character because in a way he is pandering to you, the reader with things you want to hear and jokes you remember from the past. He says things that no other Marvel character will say, and references the comic book world in the most unexpected ways. Deadpool in the trailer, therefore is insane. You're not going to be able to get around it. The most you can do is try to run with it.

In a way, the comedy present here is perfect because it's all insane meta humor. You know it's perfect because Deadpool's mom gives it her recommendation. However, it's also a little over the top. High Moon Studios hired former Deadpool writer Daniel Way to pen the script, who always took the character to level 11. I personally enjoyed the cartoonish shenanigans of Wilson in his version, but I love understated Deadpool even more. It's a lot more than just making a lot of meta jokes. Wade Wilson has a backstory, a specific set of psychoses. He has unique interactions with different characters. An entire video game with just Way's Bugs Bunny-esque Deadpool might be too much, but we're definitely going to at least get a few good jokes out of it.

Okay so it might get really annoying. The trailer is Deadpool on speed. At some point the player is going to have to relax. Some players might be dissuaded based on this fact alone.

Deadpool game screenshot

However, we might get some "serious" Deadpool because, as expressed by the trailer, Cable is in it. This is the best news I've heard all week.

Both are characters created by Rob Liefeld, infamous comic book artist who is mostly known for hyper-masculine, pouch-wearing beefcakes and extremely bendable females. Deadpool and Cable meet up in their own series and, surprisingly, it's one of the greatest comics I've read in a while. It's so full of heart, and the two characters have the best bromance in the history of comics.

The trailer shows us that Cable is indeed in it, and Deadpool greets him in typical Wade Wilson, Cable-flattering fashion. Deadpool loves this guy, and his comments on the latter's biceps are nostalgic. What makes this even better is that Cable brings out the best in Deadpool. He wants the mercenary to succeed, and they share some great moments. This could be great for character building.

The PlayStation blog post states that the game begins somewhere on the island of Genosha, which as all Marvel fans know is the safe-haven Magneto created for mutants. It is also one of the central locations in the Deadpool & Cable comics, so if this story is based around one of those story lines we might actually be getting that Cable action.

The trailer also shows off some traditional hack-and-slash combat. While this style does fit the sword and gun-wielding mercenary, it's a little bland considering the character. Even Marvel vs Capcom 3 did a little something with Deadpool's fighting style, giving him funny dialogue, and a great special attack that allows him to remove the health bar from the top of the screen. High Moon Studios might have done more with the combat than what is in the trailer, but at the moment, the only thing that seems inspired by Deadpool himself is the dialogue, and that could end up being the game’s downfall.

Finally, we have Deadpool's voice. Nolan North, known for voicing Nathan Drake to most people, is actually the go-to guy for the character's voice. He does a Deadpool that's loud, snarky, and has absolutely no regard for the people around him. Some people might find this grating, but this is Deadpool, and if you didn't want an obnoxious character, you should go home.

You are welcome to make up your own opinions about the trailer, and have your own expectations about the game. Regardless of what it may be, I'm at the very least interested to see how they will do one of my favorite comic book characters justice.