Skinit Premium Gaming Skins First Impressions: An Awesome Addition to Your Boring Standard Console

Skinit is the latest company to take a crack at premium skins for gaming consoles, and let me start off my saying they do not disappoint. We were lucky enough to receive a review copy of their high-end skins for the PS4 and they were amazing from the actual display to the actual setup.

Let’s start with the setup of the skins — the design you pick out will come all organized into pieces that match your preferred console. In my case I had a PS4 skin, so it came with a couple of different strips for the front panels, side panels, and of course the main center piece panel. This made it super simple to stick on, especially for those who have OCD when it comes to making sure the sticker is aligned straight, like myself.


You also get a couple of redo’s before the sticker starts to get worn out. I should also mention that every skin you choose from, a counterpart skin for the controller will be added for free, which I thought was a nice touch. Usually some companies will make you pick a skin for controllers separately, charging you for double.

And like the main console skin, the controller skin comes broken into pieces so it’ll make it easier to apply the sticker to the controller.

Now switching gears to discuss the quality of the skin — like I mentioned earlier, they are simply amazing. The picture quality for the design you pick out are super detailed, not giving you a fuzzy picture or one slightly unclear.

After applying the skin and letting it settle onto the console, the skin will start to look better and better as time goes on. Coming back to your once boring standard console will really start to take a toll on you once you start to notice how cool your console could look with a skin.

Skinit has a ton of awesome designs to choose from such as iconic heroes from both DC Comics and Marvel to Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. There is literally a skin for everyone, giving you really no reason not to at least give Skinit a chance; plus the price is relatively cheap for the product you receive.

I am thoroughly surprised with Skinit. I was never into skins for a console, but after reviewing the copy I was sent, I can’t recommend it enough. Make your boring console look awesome within a matter of seconds. Do you any of you have skins for your console? If so, what do you think about them? Let us know in the comments below!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.